It’s not broke. It doesn’t need fixing.

Maybe this is progress, as the Houston Chronicle isn’t outright advocating for the repeal of the Castle Doctrine. But they’re still being incredibly disingenuous.

Raul Rodriguez might literally have said he was standing his ground, but when the facts came out he was found to have deliberately provoked the confrontation with Kelly Danaher and as such he was not protected even under the expanded version of the SYG law. And he was rightly found guilty. He might well have been trying to “game the system,” as the Chronicle put it, but it seems pretty clear that yes, Kelly Danaher would still be dead with no Castle Doctrine because of Raul Rodriguez’s confrontational nature.

Also, I read the story about the justifiable homicides being on the rise…and I’m just not seeing a problem with any of those people getting shot. They were breaking into people’s houses and/or stealing their stuff. Marsha McCartney’s whining notwithstanding, it doesn’t matter that the police can’t shoot someone for stealing. The people who are being victimized don’t have any way of knowing if that’s all the criminal wants. And maybe if those people who got shot had been out earning their own way instead of trying to take other people’s stuff they wouldn’t be dead. Seems pretty simple to me.



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