Sushi skepticism busted? Maybe…

…or, Heyyy, more SWPL blogging!

The first time I had sushi was a few years ago at this ritzy Japanese place in Beaumont, and boy, was it good! (As I recall, it was Fujiyama on IH-10 between College Street and Washington Boulevard, for those of you familiar with the area.) For some strange and unknown reason I was thinking it’d be good everywhere else I tried it, which was my reasoning behind trying sushi at a Chinese buffet later.

Was it as good? No. Wasn’t anywhere in the neighborhood of good as far as I was concerned. In hindsight that makes sense somewhat; after all, where are you going to get a better hamburger — McDonald’s or the Texas Roadhouse? At any rate, that experience put me off sushi for a few years…

…until yesterday. I was back at the HEB Alon Market getting some miscellaneous items when this lady offered me a sample. They called it firecracker sushi; it was rolled with tempura shrimp, cream cheese and avocado and topped with spicy mayonnaise, sushi sauce and spicy cheese crunches.

Was it good? Yes. YES it was. (With cream cheese & avocado, how could it not be?) So I grabbed a roll and went back a second later.

“Can I get another one, for my wife?”

“Oh yeah, great!”

It was so good, in fact, that I got home and wolfed the whole thing down in one sitting. And I didn’t even bother with the sauces that came with it — soy sauce, wasabi and something else. I had to chuckle at the inclusion of the wasabi, because between the mayo and the cheese crunches it was plenty spicy all by itself. It might well have been even better with the sauces.

(Side note: whenever the topic of wasabi comes up, I am reminded of this little anecdote from the ‘Dog.)

But yeah, it was yummy. I just might go back for more later. 😉

UPDATE: And so I did. Temptation roll with brown rice, for the record. Tempura shrimp, topped with imitation crabmeat, sushi sauce, spicy mayo, brown rice and sesame seed. Yummeh.



6 Responses to “Sushi skepticism busted? Maybe…”

  1. walrilla Says:

    HEB makes some damn good sushi. Their spring rolls are great, too.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      I will have to try those! I seriously was not expecting it to be that good.

  2. mattexian Says:

    Me and the wife have also found HEB-Plus’ sushi to be a very good substitute for fancy restaurant ones, at a significant savings. And they even take requests, if you don’t want a certain ingredient, like my wife’s distaste for high spiciness.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      And they even take requests


      Apparently the sushi at Fujiyama is pretty pricey. I looked at the prices on the HEB sushi and was pretty surprised. I guess it makes sense, considering all that goes into it, but it’s not something I could afford to eat every day. I might do it if I could, though. 😉

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