Everyone knows how this could be prevented, right?

Vehicle registration and driver licensing.

What’s that? They already are? The hell you say…

According to the Express-News story, witnesses said Robert Jay Brown was chasing Armando Garza down FM 78, at times driving in the center lane to catch up with Garza before before Brown rammed him and sent him careering into Randy Nelson’s car, ultimately resulting in little Braylon Nelson getting paralyzed from the neck down and his father being unemployed because of the injuries the latter sustained in the crash.

Of course Brown is going to deny being angry and being in an altercation, but as far as I can tell the statements of the witnesses to the crash speak for themselves. I would surely hope the DA’s office goes after the felony charge, because whoever does something like that deserves a hell of a lot more than 30 days in jail.



One Response to “Everyone knows how this could be prevented, right?”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    As a side note, THIS is why Marie is rear-facing still. Head/neck injuries are much more likely when front-facing.

    I hope they throw the book at Brown, though I really doubt it will happen. FM78 is very heavily traveled, and I’m actually kind of surprised stuff like this doesn’t happen more often.

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