Stick a fork in the Tater…

…’cause he is done:

Queensryche defeated a motion for a preliminary injunction on July 13 that would have kept it from touring and operating under the band name, AGPS Management senior manager Glen Parrish exclusively tells Billboard. The act is defending a complaint filed by former singer Geoff Tate in a Washington state court over whether he should be awarded the Queensryche name after being expelled from the group in June.

So why is it all over for Geoff Tate, you might ask, considering the actual trial isn’t for another 16 months or so? Because the Todd La Torre-fronted Queensryche now has 16 months to make the case that the brand is still commercially viable. And considering that Live Nation Entertainment signed them on the strength of the two shows they played as Rising West in Seattle, and has already gotten them two gigs with the same performance guarantees that they’d have gotten with Geoff Tate, they’ve already gotten a hell of a head start at making their case.

Truth be told, I really didn’t think it could go any other way. I didn’t read all the declarations from the people who sided with the Tates, but the ones I did read were incredibly flimsy:

“But…but…we went on vacation with the guys! Geoff Tate is the most even-tempered person I know! They made a horrible decision to get rid of him!”

Thank God the judge saw through all that. I also found this bit encouraging (emphasis mine — ed.):

Billboard published an interview with Tate on July 6 where he discussed his side of the story. We will follow up shortly with a feature about the defendants’ version of the events that led to Tate’s departure, as well as the breakneck speed that legal documents from the case keep appearing online.

Why is that encouraging? Because while a lot of the diehard fans have read the court documents and know the other side of the story, there are a lot of people who still only know Geoff Tate’s side. It might not be Rolling Stone, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

Speaking of Rolling Stone, I wouldn’t be surprised if Andy Greene, who did that Tate interview for RS, is salivating over the opportunity to get the other guys’ side of the story. Why? Because Geoff threw him under the bus in the Billboard interview by saying he was inaccurately quoted as saying that he wrote 81 percent of the Queensryche catalog as opposed to having co-written 81 percent of the catalog:

The way it’s stated in Rolling Stone is that you wrote them — as in, you completely wrote them.

Oh yeah. Well, that’s one of those little inaccuracies that get passed along through interpretation [laughs]. …

Greene came on the Breakdown Room, though, and had this to say:

 I can assure you that there were no “little inaccuracies” in my Q&A with Geoff. I have the tape and he was quoted completely accurately. He said he “wrote” the songs and never once said “co-wrote” during the entire interview.

I don’t think anyone was surprised by that, though. We’ll see what happens, but it’s pretty obvious that Queensryche has the upper hand now. I can’t wait to see and hear what they’ll do.



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