Unarmed aggressor? Not so much…

…even when they don’t have a gun. This has been pointed out many times, although perhaps not quite like this. Recall, if you will, the old saying:

“God made all men, but Sam Colt made all men equal.”

That doesn’t only mean that everyone is equal with a gun. It also means a weak man with a gun is the equal of the strong man without one. I am not the most robust of guys even now, with my cerebral palsy. No doubt in my old age, even if I am not frail and weak, I still will be no match for some young punk who wants my wallet. And even now I am no match for one. As blogger James Rummel put it (via TSM), “It’s most important that all potential victims be as dangerous as they can.”

And a gun is the best thing to make those potential victims that way.



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