Oh, that’s exactly what we should have expected.

From the comments here:

…not a single one of the women who rank among the genre’s biggest stars (Lambert, Underwood, Swift, Scott, Perry, Nettles), most of whom fall within the age range of the social media generation who can’t *not* make public statements and several of whom very quickly went on record about the deaths of Whitney Houston and Donna Summer, has had anything to say about the Queen of the genre they now ostensibly lead.

… I honestly can’t imagine anything comparable happening among the current torchbearers in any other genre if a true icon of Wells’ stature died.

Well, to tell you the truth I couldn’t either. But there’s a reason for that.

What’s that reason, you ask? Well, unlike most of today’s “country” “artists,” artists in other genres are not only aware of their respective genres’ pasts, they are proud of that past. They all recognize and appreciate the contributions of the artists who came before them. This is just what we should have expected from all those pop and rock fans who grew up and decided to “go country,” as Bob McDill put it lo those many years ago. (I would feel no small amount of surprise if Carrie Underwood or Jennifer Nettles even knew who Kitty Wells was.) I don’t know why everyone’s so up in arms about this when that is taken into consideration. This is just one more thing you get when artists who don’t really have a connection to a genre get into it. Just like Eric Church, they can’t make it in any other genre, so they go country by default.

And once again, I’m sure Chet Flippo will weigh in on this soon with his share of righteous indignation as well, blissfully unaware of the connection between this phenomenon and letting everything be classified as “country” that walks through the doors to the record labels on Music Row.



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