Say, that’s a good point.

Debra Saunders, in today’s San Antonio Express-News:

…outsourcing is a two-way street. Nobody here seems to think the German government should stop Volkswagen from building cars in Tennessee, and some 700,000 Americans work for U.S. affiliates of Japanese companies.

Yep. Seems no one ever stops to think about outsourcing benefiting us as well as other countries. Not only that, you have the president of the United States himself encouraging Americans to buy American-made cars…that aren’t made in America, just owned by Americans. (Many of them one-percenters! IRONY.)

And 700,000 Americans working for the U.S. affiliates of Japanese companies? I’m sure that’s quite a few more jobs than Bain Capital outsourced to other countries. Of course I could be wrong, but the point still stands that Americans benefit from outsourcing just like everyone else does. And to point the finger at Romney and Bain honestly is little more than rank political demagoguery.

But you didn’t really expect anything less from Mr. If-I-had-a-son-he’d-look-like-Trayvon-Martin…did you?



2 Responses to “Say, that’s a good point.”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    I’ve made people all butthurt before when I said that if you truly want to support Americans you’ll buy one of the models of Toyota made in the US rather than a Ford that’s made 85% in Canada. I don’t care where corporate HQ is, I care where the jobs are.

  2. mick Says:

    > Many of them one-percenters! IRONY.

    Are there any car companies owned by non-millionaires? I doubt it.
    I didn’t see any car companies listed on the largest employee owned companies:

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