Whoa, can’t believe I missed this.

Looks like our buddy Dan Freedman at Hearst is back doing his PR for the ATF, and this particular release is a real doozy, too.

First of all, he — yet again — completely glosses over the fact that the ATF didn’t make any attempt to track the guns when they crossed the border.

And, of course, there’s the standard boilerplate about the ATF not having a permanent director and those poor, poor ATF agents being overworked and underfunded. No doubt Mr. Freedman never stopped to think about this particular approach backfiring, as there are those of us who might take the tack that ATF itself saw Fast and Furious as an opportunity to go to Congress and lobby for more funds, materiel, and manpower. Which, considering the ATF’s various and sundry documented abuses of power, in a way is almost as bad as the Obama administration hatching Gunwalker to gin up stats to justify more gun control.

Freedman also seems to be aghast that the NRA and Congress are always on its back. He apparently either doesn’t remember or give a damn about the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986, which was passed following a Senate report on ATF misconduct in a report four years earlier. Somebody has to be looking out for gun owners, because God knows the media won’t do it.

And as for this:

…some street agents feared they were enabling mayhem in Mexico and putting the lives of U.S. law enforcement personnel at risk.

These whistle-blower agents connected with gun-rights bloggers who saw Fast and Furious as an Obama conspiracy to promulgate greater gun restrictions.

Considering how mainstream outlets such as CNN/Fortune blamed Fast and Furious on lax gun laws and blamed the fact that it got any coverage at all on said “right-wing bloggers…trying to score points against the Obama administration,” could you really blame them? It’s not as if they had much of a choice. And it’s not as if the Old Media outlets have as much credibility as they did even a decade ago — because, after all, that was way before blogs, Jayson Blair and the Dan Rather document scandal.

And I’m really not seeing a problem with Codrea & Vanderboegh as sources here. Anyone who reads either of them knows they take shots at both the Democrats and Republicans, which is a hell of a lot more than can be said for the mainstream media.

(h/t David Codrea)


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