Friday morning musings.

Can anyone tell me why any self-respecting conservative would count useful idiots like David Frum and Bill Kristol as being on the same team? Democrats are being foolish by not pushing for yet more infringements on the Second Amendment (Kristol)? If I love my children, I will get rid of my guns voluntarily (Frum)? You’re more likely to kill yourself or a family member than a criminal? Oh my God, it’s the zombie Kellermann lie!

Of course, Frum is a Canadian who writes for the Daily Beast, which pretty much explains everything about his viewpoint. As for Bill Kristol, only God knows. He’s been described as a neoconservative, which could very well mean he’s always been a flaming liberal at heart.

And apparently, Eugene Robinson on the Washington Post considers banning an entire class of guns to be “minimal gun control.” One wonders what he would consider to be too much gun control. Based on everything he’s written before, I would guess he’d be for everything up to and including the ATF doing to gun owners what they did to the Branch Davidians.


2 Responses to “Friday morning musings.”

  1. Crotalus Says:

    Kill ’em all! Let God sort ’em out!

  2. BobG Says:

    “Only criminals, dictators, and democrats fear armed citizens.”
    – Jeff Cooper

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