What do they propose to do about that?

I am always amused by those who say things like “there are too many guns in this country.” Such would seem to imply that an undetermined number of those guns should be taken away. And that leads to the question: Who would end up having their guns taken away?

Law-abiding citizens? Why should they have their guns taken away for something they didn’t even do? Doesn’t that strike you as blatantly anti-American?

Criminals? Sure, they ought to have their guns taken away…as well as their freedom. I’ve been saying it since I don’t know when and I will keep saying it: if a person can’t be trusted with a gun, that person cannot be trusted among free individuals. Put a little differently, if certain people shouldn’t have guns because of their criminal behavior, they should be locked up.

Oddly enough, although so many killers have previously shown themselves to be dangers to society with lesser criminal acts such as robbery and assault, no one ever brings up the possible solution of keeping the bad people locked up. Why do you think that is?



3 Responses to “What do they propose to do about that?”

  1. Crotalus Says:

    Because gun control is not about crime control. It is always about controlling the people so there can be no second American Revolution when the president declares himself king (And don’t think that King Barry the First hasn’t thought of that. The only reason he was a constitutional scholar is he wanted to figure out how to get around it.)

  2. mick Says:

    Such would seem to imply that an undetermined number of those guns should be taken away.

    Why? Guns degrade, are lost, are destroyed, etc. You’re arguing with a straw man here.

  3. Les Says:

    Gun-free zones such as Mexico, Norway, Germany, and Great Britain have a poor record of keeping down the killings of large numbers of innocents at a time by madmen and thugs. The other gun free zones have difficulty keeping down the number of subjects killed by their governments.

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