Apparently Michael Gerson doesn’t read the news.

Why? Because if he does, he would not had written this:

A 100-round, drum-style magazine — the kind that police say the Aurora suspect had in his AR-15 — is highly useful to someone intent on mass murder. It is less useful for an average Joe intent on self-defense.

Highly useful to someone intent on mass murder, eh? Well, not so much if the gun jams after six rounds, as the Aurora shooter’s weapon allegedly did. From what I understand, those large-capacity magazines — both drum and extended-length mags — are very prone to do that.

Of course, I would never use that as an argument that they should be banned. In fact, you might call it an argument for their proliferation. Better a mass shooter use a 100-round drum mag that jams after fewer than 10 rounds as opposed to a reliable 20- or 30-round regular mag.

And then there was this:

Is there any doubt that if a fully automatic machine gun had been readily available, the Aurora killer would have used one?

I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s conceivable that there was a lot of doubt. Apparently Michael Gerson doesn’t have any idea of just what the process to obtain a fully automatic weapon entails. You can’t just walk into your local fun shop, plunk down the $200 transfer tax, fill out the 4473 and walk out with a gun. From what I’ve read about the NFA background check, it takes about six months and they check out a lot more than they do for regular weapons.

But even that doesn’t really matter, because the stats on crimes committed with machine guns speak for themselves. There have been perhaps two crimes committed with full-auto weaponry since 1934, one of them involving an Only One. Of course, again, I would never use that to justify banning or not banning them, but I thought it worth pointing out.

He never comes right out and says it, but it strikes me that Gerson seems to think that something like a magazine ban would pacify the antis. It wouldn’t surprise me that he is oblivious to the fact that they keep coming back for more.



One Response to “Apparently Michael Gerson doesn’t read the news.”

  1. drjim Says:

    Makes me wish I lived in Texas just so I could go buy from his competitors!

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