No deal.

Okay, now, this has gotten really tiresome:

 Time to make a deal on gun control

…I am quite sure that my Texas brothers and sisters can defend themselves in such a situation with a shotgun, rifle or revolver and need not resort to an assault weapon.

How’s this for a deal, Leonard Zwelling? How about we not lecture you on what tools you need or don’t need to use in your capacity as a doctor, and you don’t lecture any of us on what we need to defend our home and families? And if you hang around the likes of Arthur Kellerman, well, that pretty much tells us all we need to know.

Seriously, you know what this is. It’s just another anti-gunner coming back for yet another slice of the cake. That’s their modus operandi. He even says, “Let’s not even get into the issue of handguns, concealed firearms or high-powered hunting rifles.”

Oh? Why not? Because the Aurora killer did as much damage with the Glock as he did with the AR-15. Presumably the good doctor wants to come after those after the semiautomatic rifles are taken care of. And then, the sniper rifles high-powered hunting rifles.

And we haven’t even gotten to the fact that Zwelling practically admits that criminals will keep getting semiautomatic rifles but sticks to his premise that society would be safer if law-abiding citizens can’t get them. Really? How’s that sort of thing working out south of the Rio Grande? Not so well? You mean Dr. Leonard Zwelling has no clue as to what he’s talking about? I thought so.



9 Responses to “No deal.”

  1. mattexian Says:

    IF he wants to “deal”, then let’s “deal”: if we give up our “assault weapons”, then he and his will give up restrictions on CCWs everywhere! He doesn’t have to worry about encountering a legally-purchased AK in the mall, we don’t have to worry about stupid signs telling us we’re not allowed to carry inside certain buildings, or having to get a permit, or whatever.

    Oh, wait, criminals don’t follow laws, do they? I guess he’s just gonna have to suck it up.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      I think a better deal might be to give up semiautos in exchange for NIB full-autos off the NFA registry. Which they’d never go for, of course.

  2. Crotalus Says:

    Dr. Arthur “Zombie” Kellerman: the Lie that Will Not Die!

    Except that you have to register to comment at the Houston Chronicpain, I would have told him that, “We have the guns. Come for them, and we will kill you.”

    What a useless tool.

    On the other hand, we must be winning. (Finally!) I don’t see the Danssers Macabre persuading anyone anymore. I think the American Citizen has finally seen gun control for the demonic lie that it is.

    • mattexian Says:

      We have the guns. Come for them, and we will kill you.

      I’d add: And at least have the intellectual honesty to do the job yourself, instead of sending someone else’s son or daughter to do your blood job for you.

  3. GomeznSA Says:

    I stopped reading the practicing (still haven’t gotten it right?) physician’s comments when he said ‘which brings us to’ – NOPE – it brought him to whatever personal comments he tried to foist on the rest of us. He does not speak for me nor represent me or my views in any way, even though he presumes to.
    IMHO that is one of the ways that we let ‘them’ control the narrative – their collective we’s and us’s are strictly their OPINION which are not necessarily those of anyone else and constantly need to be labelled as such.

    • Crotalus Says:

      Good point. I’m reminded of that old joke about the Lone Ranger and Tonto: they were surrounded by hostile Indians, and the Lone Ranger remarked as such. Tonto then replied, “What you mean ‘we’, Paleface?”

      Indeed, these people presume to speak for me, and they most definitely do not!

  4. Les Says:

    How many times have you heard the remark from the national socialists, “If it saves just one…….blah, blah, blah”. They aren’t interested in saving lives, just controlling them. This guy is not my brother.
    He is deliberately ignorant. He is deliberately confusing assault rifles with semi autos. He insists that currently we have access to every weapon known to man and so on. He either really is ignorant or he is a liar.
    He does want to remove every weapon law abiding citizens (his Texas brothers and sisters) have access to, he is a national socialist after all, and thieves want their victims disarmed.
    In 1968 the legislature promised, they promised!, that FFL’s would always be easy to get and keep. There would ALWAYS be ready access to a dealer to buy weapons. It was a compromise, after all. Master thief Billy Clinton and the socialists put the lie to that, and the FFL dealers are constantly being squeezed out of business by ever restrictive rules.
    When I read the likes of this fellow, Leonard Pitts, Dave McNeely, Gene Lyons, and cartoonist Rob Rogers, it reminds me of listening during the Cold War years to Radio Kiev. The traitors within, though, are more vicious than the enemy without. Ask Constantinople, whoops, can’t, it’s now Istanbul.

  5. southtexaspistolero Says:

    When I read the likes of this fellow, Leonard Pitts, Dave McNeely, Gene Lyons, and cartoonist Rob Rogers, it reminds me of listening during the Cold War years to Radio Kiev. The traitors within, though, are more vicious than the enemy without.

    Can’t say as I argue with that. And as for the Clintons, IIRC, yeah, Clinton was the one who decreed that FFL’s have storefronts as opposed to slinging guns over the kitchen table.

  6. Les Says:

    I noticed that as soon as the socialists get access to firearms taken from law abiding subjects, they shift their target to “stopping knife crime”. Not that criminals using firearms have stopped, but the socialists don’t talk about that anymore. In France, now, it is illegal to carry a pocket knife. You will note that a terrorist was able to kill Jewish school children and off-duty french paratroopers with an unavailable firearm. Now that did make the news. In the UK, for example, despite the fact that firearms are virtually outlawed (even mostly to police) police are still getting killed by the bad guys with firearms. But the push is now to outlaw knife crime. The weapons of self defense are always the target, not the criminal violence.

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