Prison for self-defense?

That’s about what this sounds like:

The frontman of Virginia-based heavy metal band Lamb of God (Randy Blythe — ed.) has been released on $400,000 bail from a Prague prison, several weeks after his arrest in connection with a fan’s death in 2010, a court official said Friday….

Radvan (Blythe’s lawyer — ed.) said that police believe that during a 2010 concert in Prague an audience member climbed onto the stage and Blythe pushed him off. The fan hit the floor with his head and later died of the injuries, police said.

Wow, really? A complete stranger gets on the stage, is pushed off and dies? Sorry, but that sounds to me like a very clear-cut case of self-defense in this case. You can’t just let people do that shit, especially after what happened to Dimebag Darrell. Sure, that fan might not have had a gun, but you’d be a fool to think he couldn’t have done damage without one. To his credit, Blythe comes off as a real stand-up guy in his recent statement, but this is something he shouldn’t have to be dealing with even though he can relate to the pain of the family of the fan that was killed. What’s going to happen to Blythe at this point is anyone’s guess, but the only right thing that can happen is for them to let him come back home and get back to doing what he loves to do. And personally, I wouldn’t blame him if he never went back to the Czech Republic.



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