One more time…

…what does O. Ricardo Pimentel propose we do with the guns that are in circulation now? And you see that he himself acknowledges that semiautomatic pistols are used in these mass killings, too, yet he doesn’t advocate for their banning as well. I wonder why that is?

Speaking of the guns in circulation and taking them away, commenter mick had this to say:

Guns degrade, are lost, are destroyed, etc. You’re arguing with a straw man here.

Sorry, but I disagree as to the extent these sorts of losses are going to make any dent in the number of guns that are out there, at least in any amount of time. New machine guns were banned from purchase almost 30 years ago and yet there are still some 240,000 of them in private hands. And semiautomatic weapons are another matter entirely in relation to their longevity, because you could argue they’ll last as long as guns like revolvers and bolt-action rifles. Hell, there are still functional semiautomatic firearms out there from World War II — almost 80 years old.

And it’d be just as easy to wreak carnage with a World War II-era Colt 1911 as it would be with a fresh-off-the-shelf Glock 21. So why no calling for the banning of handguns? Aren’t they subject to as much constitutional protection as semiautomatic rifles by the “in common use” test? Such doesn’t seem to deter calls for the banning of one — why not the other?



2 Responses to “One more time…”

  1. James Says:

    Not often brought up, but what about the thousands of firearms manufactured every year in private shops and garages, like mine? There is no registration of any kind, no record of the firearm ever being built. I’ve built a good dozen firearms in the last year, and several home builders I know have built several times that many.
    How about the untold number that are made illegally for sale to the criminal underworld?
    You can’t uninvent them. Guns like the British Sten can be built from components bought at your local home depot or tractor supply.
    You will never destroy them all.

    300 million is the number often quoted, and my bet is that is on the OBSCENELY low side.
    A small number are destroyed every year, but it’s an insignificant number.

    How many unregistered machine guns are still in private hands? I bet it’s a lot more than could be guessed.

    The war on drugs has been a failure. The war on guns would be a bigger failure but with a higher body count.

  2. BobG Says:

    A lot of my guns were my dad’s, and are older than me (I’m 60).
    I also have a fine-shooting Colt Peacemaker that was manufactured in 1894, and works fine. Waiting for guns to wear out could take a while.

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