No. Just no.

He doesn’t get to say this and be taken seriously:

Swerving through traffic didn’t help Lorenzo Leroy Thompson dislodge the shrieking woman whose purse he had just snatched — and who was clinging to his stolen pickup — so he decided to “peel” her off by broadsiding another vehicle, prosecutors alleged Monday as testimony began in his death penalty trial….

In a three-hour interview with police, Thompson “was 100 percent, completely consistent” that the wreck was an accident, repeating several times, “I never wanted anyone to die that day,” Gross said.

No, sir. When you steal someone’s purse, and you try to get away from them and kill them in the process, that was no fucking accident. That nigh well should be treated as malice. He might say that he didn’t intend for anyone to die, but the fact is that he kept on going after she was on top of his vehicle and he tried to throw her off. Actions speak louder, and all that. I hope for the sake of Lorenzo Leroy Thompson’s future potential victims the jurors see through that for the load of horseshit it so obviously is.


3 Responses to “No. Just no.”

  1. Crotalus Says:

    I sure a hell wouldn’t take him seriously. I’d want the death penalty for him.

  2. GomeznSA Says:

    With his admission that he tried to get her off the vehicle, death penalty is probably merited but I MIGHT be consider the old Texas sentence of 99 years and a day…………

  3. 3boxesofbs Says:

    Considering that most people recognize the fact a collision between a person and a car doesn’t work out well for the person….

    Considering that he planned — however spontaneously — to commit such act….

    Considering that such action was carried out in the commission of another crime….

    I think that we should balance the actions — hit him with a car the same way he hit the other person.

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