Shorter Cleveland residents…

…well, some of them, anyway…

“They just arrested those boys that gang-raped that girl because they’re black and she’s Hispanic! It wasn’t that bad! That little puta had it comin’ with the way she was dressed! RACISTS!”



2 Responses to “Shorter Cleveland residents…”

  1. GomeznSA Says:

    Absolutely incredible that anyone – regardless of ‘color’ can believe that there is anything right about raping a female – especially one that is only 11 years old. Oh wait, if she had been mentally handicapped and lived in pakistan the ‘authorities’ there would have condemned her for committing adultery.
    To anyone who thinks these ‘men’ and ‘boys’ did nothing wrong because the girl ‘tempted’ them with her manner of dress etc, NO still means NO. We are supposed to be better than that.

  2. mattexian Says:

    If you’d nuked it this last week, the fallout would’ve landed on Houston, from the gusts we had coming off of Isaac.

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