Random Sunday musings.

Quote of the day, from comments to this story about a motorcyclist slamming into an SUV at 100-plus mph:

What a waste. That crotch rocket still had a long and useful life ahead of it.

Heh. Yes, indeed. As Sabra said, “That’s cold. Impressively cold.”

New Braunfels will still be more than worth the drive for Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ, Oma’s, Naegelin’s, the Gruene General Store, and other things, but Lone Star Music’s impending move to San Marcos is just so very disappointing. LSM is arguably the best place on the planet to go for Texas music, and we’ve gone up to New Braunfels several times just for music — but San Marcos is almost twice as far for us, and I just don’t think that it would be worth that 50-mile drive, even if I don’t think about that sub-prime rib I got at the Texas Roadhouse the last time we were there.

And I just found out about this Friday night. I was a fan on Facebook and they had a post alluding to it, which was the first I’d ever heard of it. I have to wonder if they were expecting some backlash. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were. At any rate, I certainly hope something worthy takes its place.


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