It was a joke, really.

What was a joke, you ask? Well, first, check this out:

 Ticket dismissals cost Houston, thanks to plea bargains

We live close to Castle Hills, one of the small bedroom communities around San Antonio, one with a fairly notable police presence. Whenever I see them with someone pulled over, I am always making the joke, “Well, it looks like the revenooers got ’em another one.” Same thing whenever I see someone pulled over in Windcrest, another well-to-do community over on the northeast side.

I figured those tickets would be a fair source of revenue for smaller communities, even though that is honestly just me joking — but I never thought they’d apparently be that way for the state’s largest city, let alone to the point that there would be a headline like that in said city’s newspaper. It’s worth asking if the next story along these lines will be one about the Houston cops not writing enough tickets, as if there were — wait for it! — a quota that each officer has to meet. I guess it’s more about the money than all the officials would like us to believe it is.


One Response to “It was a joke, really.”

  1. Windy Wilson Says:

    Now you know that a quota would be a bad thing, and besides, they don’t have any sort of official tally like that in writing, for chrissakes! My late uncle the CHP said they just get on the lesser-writing coppers’ cases.

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