As soon as I saw the byline to this story…

…I knew what it was going to be about:

Killings of cops fueling concern
By Dan Freedman

That’s right, Hearst’s ever-so-reliable PR flack for the ATF is now trotting out the old “assault weapons are a danger to the cops” canard that was the argument of the day before the lie about 90 percent of Mexican drug cartels’ weapons coming from the United States. I found this comment from Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia to be quite enlightening:

“It used to be we were fearful of zip guns or low-quality handguns, but now they have firepower equal to our own and sometimes we’re outgunned.”

I wonder when it was that they were afraid of those lower-quality weapons. We’ve had background checks and penalties for prohibited persons and straw purchases for quite literally decades now. And then there was the “assault weapons ban” that the gun manufacturers found their way around after a few years. So the guns were out there, but we were ostensibly supposed to have measures that stopped bad people from getting them. But they apparently didn’t work. More gun control FAIL.

And, once again — if some people are so dangerous they shouldn’t have guns, why are they not in jail?


3 Responses to “As soon as I saw the byline to this story…”

  1. Bob S. Says:

    After a while, I have to wonder if there isn’t any firearm that Law Enforcement isn’t afraid of.
    Small concealable guns, large powerful guns, home made guns, store bought guns anyone can buy by the dozen.

    Or maybe it isn’t about the guns and more about making it harder for the population to resist illegal laws.

  2. Crotalus Says:

    You want to know what guns LE is afraid of? Any gun in citizens’ hands.

    It is right that they fear us, for many are abusing their authority.

  3. GomeznSA Says:

    The ‘ahem’ high sheriff over there in H-town musta missed the class at the po-lice academy where they talked about a loving couple known as bonnie & clyde.
    In case someone out there isn’t aware – clyde’s favorite gun was a Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) – he also favored the Colt .45 pistol – in an era when most American peace officers were carrying .38 revolvers loaded with 158 grain lead round nose bullets………………

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