One more reason Eric Church deserves no respect.

I don’t know why I didn’t say anything about this back when it was posted, but…

There’s this writer, at the time that kinda had written a critique of the new country Outlaw movement. Said something about “I wish all these new guys would do it like the old guys did it, and make the same music, the same way, over and over.” …

Eric firmly asserts that country music is currently as good as it has been in a long time. “Since I’ve been doing this, these past six years, the music is as good and as cool as any format.”

That pretty much speaks for itself, if you ask me. (And there’s that damn F-word again.) I suppose it’s par for the course; after all, what mainstream artist is going to come out and talk about how much shit music is being made? No doubt all the pop-country stars of the Urban Cowboy era thought they were making music that was as good as what had come before; only later was that music thought of as a blight on the genre. But I still can’t have any respect for Eric Church as an artist if he’s going to come out and defend things like “She’s Country,” “Bait A Hook,” and “Truck Yeah.” Yes, I know it may by and large just be the country music blogosphere bemoaning the state of modern country, but those blogs are written by country music fans. I bet they represent a lot more of us than the likes of Eric Church would like to think they do.


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