Free speech for me but not for thee…

because thou sucketh. And we hate thee.

No, that isn’t what Sarah Chayes or the L.A. Times is implying, but it honestly makes about as much sense. If you outlaw all speech that’s obviously intended to be provocative, then what does that leave? Who gets to decide what’s intended to be provocative? What standards are to be used? Take all the vitriol that’s been slung at Christians and the names they’re called ā€” godbotherers, bitter clingers, and the list goes on. Or how about the infamous “Piss Christ” photo? (Interesting factoid: if Wikipedia is to be believed, Andres Serrano “has…said that while (the) work is not intended to denounce religion, it alludes to a perceived commercializing or cheapening of Christian icons in contemporary culture.” I must say, if that’s what he was really commenting on, he had a point…)

But anyway, why is it that Christians don’t get so bent out of shape about that sort of thing as to go killing people and setting shit on fire but the Muslims do? Seriously, does anyone want to put money on some Muslims somewhere NOT going on a rampage if a “Piss Mohammed” came along? Is this really what we’re reduced to ā€” curtailing our own freedoms to avoid offending these people so they don’t blow us up, as opposed to bombing the shit out of them when they pull something?

Apparently it is. You wonder why I have gotten so vexed about the timbre of the 9/11 commemorations? ‘Cause of this right here. It’s not that we’ve forgotten anything. It’s that we never learned the lesson in the first place. And our self-perceived betters are throwing our freedoms away. In a different time, Sarah Chayes and her ilk would have been horsewhipped and run out of town, if not hung on the courthouse lawn.


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