So, if it’s who I think it is…

…that found my blog googling the terms “ex wife sabra (sic),” let me say this…

That’s just creepy, dude. Some five years after you walked out on her and your kids and you’re still stalking her on the Internet? Don’t you think it’s time you got over her?

I mean, I know she was pretty much the apex of your existence, but seriously, just go on with your pathetic life. You have absolutely no one to blame but yourself for the fact that you’re alone and living at the Hobo Ranch, or out of your car, or wherever the fuck you’re staying these days, and dating women who could never compare to the one you threw away. Honestly, I have my own theory as to why you’re doing this, but it’s going to stay off the Internet. It’s really best for all concerned, even you.

But don’t think I give a shit about you, because I don’t. You could lick a live wire tomorrow and neither Sabra nor I would shed a solitary tear. Which is the way it should be, because God knows she cried enough over your worthless ass.

tl/dr: Go fuck yourself, smirky fat boy.


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