Not sure if I should have laughed or been insulted.

As I was walking out of the Sunken Garden Theater Saturday night after Queensryche, they were handing out flyers for something. I took a couple, not even thinking about it; at the time I was concentrating on getting back to the truck so I could get somewhere to get a drink. (Once I got to my spot at the front of the stage, I didn’t move till the end.) Left the flyer in the truck, not giving it a second thought…

…until the next day, when Sabra picked up the flyer and made a comment about Geoff Tate having two hairstyles — long hair and bald. I picked up the flyer and took a look at it…

I saw that and was like, Okay, really? I do understand that Backstage Live might have thought that a few folks there would be interested in seeing Tater and his scabs perform, but I still think some might have been insulted at the thought they’d want to see a piss-poor imitation after seeing the real thing. 😉 I share the sentiments of a few folks at The Breakdown Room…

Eyes of a Stranger: “The only good thing about that is Epica.” (Symphonic metal band from the Netherlands. Think Symphony X or Dream Theater with operatic vocals and more orchestra. FREAKING AWESOME. Trust me on this.)

Cerebral Eulogy: “I’d see Epica, and then walk out on Tate. I’d let them see me do it.” (LOVED this, btw. As I noted, the only thing that would make that better is going to the show in a Queensryche or Rising West shirt. Heheheh.)

Lucretia: “Does GT really want people coming to see him so soon after seeing Todd blow the roof off the dump with the real QR? That’s… not a comparison he should invite.”

Indeed it isn’t, of course, but for some strange and unknown reason Tater thinks he can still hack it….



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