Friday music musings, 10-19-12

You know, once upon a time I thought Brad Paisley was pretty good. But now that seems, as the Dixie Chicks put it once upon a time, a long time gone. I had seen some bad reviews for “Southern Comfort Zone” and it came up on Sirius today, so I thought I’d see if it was that bad. It was. Hey, Brad? Not everybody in the South wears ball caps and watches NASCAR. Come to think of it, anyone who’s been paying attention knows that NASCAR’s appeal went beyond the Mason-Dixon line a long time ago.


It strikes me that some artists suck no matter what band they’re in. Prime example: Paul McCartney. Whether it was with the Beatles, Wings or all by his lonesome, I have always found him to be quite overrated. I tend to think if he’d never been a Beatle, he’d have never made it big.

Sammy Hagar, on the other hand…I am not a fan of Van Hagar at all, but I think Hagar kicked ass in pretty much every other project he’s been involved in, from Montrose to Chickenfoot. Especially the latter. For a dude in his 60s, he still sounds damn good.


I am really quite amused at the Tater-fellators who get all het up about Queensryche doing all the old stuff with Todd La Torre because TLT had no hand in writing it. Never mind all the other genres whose artists sing other people’s songs; pretty much the whole point of the formation of Rising West (and, perhaps to a lesser extent, the replacement of Geoff Tate) was to bring those old songs to Queensryche fans the way they were meant to be sung. I just don’t really think it’s a big deal that La Torre didn’t write those songs. He can sing them as they were meant to be sung, and ultimately that’s the thing that matters the most. I remember seeing a comment on Facebook from this guy who was particularly exorcised about the band doing, as he put it, “Susan’s own ‘Jet City Woman'” (Susan, of course, is Tater’s second and current wife). But the thing about it is, that song was not written about her. It was written about the woman he was married to before Susan…

Speaking of Queensryche with Todd La Torre, check out these clips from last Saturday night…

“En Force”:

“Child of Fire”:



“Roads to Madness”:

Side note: Man, I was glad to see The Warning (my fave QR album) get so much love, even if they didn’t play “Deliverance” or “NM 156.”

“I Don’t Believe In Love”:

“Take Hold of the Flame”:

“Silent Lucidity”:


It really was a night I’ll never forget, but it’s damn cool to have those videos to revisit!



5 Responses to “Friday music musings, 10-19-12”

  1. AeroDillo Says:

    Brad Paisley USED to be pretty decent. That’s the thing.

    Unfortunately, it seems that he’s fallen into the same trap as the rest of country music – some sing about teenage romance gone awry, some sing about beer and their truck-nuts, and some are burrowing into the sadly overpopulated niche of the novelty song (as seems to be the case with Mister Paisley). In point of fact I really can’t remember any of his late music that ISN’T farcical in some sense though admittedly I don’t keep track of country music beyond what I hear on the radio. Then again, I don’t usually stick around on country stations much unless I recognize artist or song so…I’d take that observation with a grain of salt.

    It could be argued that Alan Jackson did something similar with his Small-Town-Southern-Man repertoire…but he also managed it with a sense of class and tact, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a pretty good singer besides.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    novelty song (as seems to be the case with Mister Paisley).

    That does seem to be the niche he’s gotten to be known for inhabiting, and it’s a real shame. I know that when you dig into the earlier album cuts there’s some good stuff, (i.e., for every “I’m Gonna Miss Her” there’s a “Too Country,” and for every “Celebrity” there’s a “Whiskey Lullaby”), but it seems as of late even his allegedly more serious music has lost its quality (see “This Is Country Music”). Maybe my perspective of Paisley has changed because of his defenses of modern country music, but maybe I am missing something. I haven’t bothered with mainstream country radio — or mainstream country music, for that matter — since I discovered Sirius a few years ago, which is why I am also not so exorcised about the recent changes in the Billboard chart methodology.

    But that’s a whole ‘nother blog post.

    • Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

      You misspell things so seldom that I am going to take a screen shot of this “so far off it turns into another word” thing before you notice it’s here, so that I can keep it as evidence that you once said Billboard drove the demons from your soul!

  3. That Guy Says:

    Damn, he does sound good on those “The Warning” tracks. Roads to Madness is one of my favorites off that album. Thanks for giving me some music to listen to at work today.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      You are quite welcome, That Guy. “Roads To Madness” is a favorite of mine as well, along with “Deliverance,” “No Sanctuary,” and “NM 156.”

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