Wow, how about those Houston Chronicle endorsements?

First Ted Cruz, and now Mitt Romney? The Romney endorsement is particularly scathing:

The Chronicle’s backing of Barack Obama in 2008 broke a 44-year string of endorsing Republican candidates for president. Like so many others, we were captivated by the Illinois senator’s soaring rhetoric and energized by his promise to move American politics beyond partisan gridlock and into an era of hope and change.

It hasn’t happened. Four years later, President Obama’s deeds have failed to match his words, much less his specific vows to cut the national debt by half and bring the nation’s unemployment rate to 6 percent…

The piece goes on to mention the president’s demonization of the energy sector and the fact that the Chron warned him against that back in 2008. I don’t know why they were so taken aback by that. It’s not as if it should have been a big surprise. At any rate, it’s good to see that they see through the whole “it’s Bush’s fault” mantra on the economy.

But considering the whole energy thing, I can certainly understand if some people would think the San Antonio Express-News completely sold out San Antonio and South Texas. Funny how they thought the passage of the health care act was a good thing, considering that, as the Chronicle pointed out, the Democrats exhibited the very lack of bipartisanship the Express-News decried earlier in that very editorial.

I saw a comment that said it looked as if the Express-News piece had been written by one of the Castro brothers. Can’t say as I disagree.


2 Responses to “Wow, how about those Houston Chronicle endorsements?”

  1. GomeznSA Says:

    Written by one, or both? I dropped my subscription to the E-N as it was so blatantly obvious which way they lean……….
    As to the Chronicle’s previous stance “captivated by…..soaring rhetoric” SHOULD have been more than enough for anyone who was paying even the least bit of attention (I know, not an easy thing for the sheeple to do) that he was simply peddling snake oil – absolutely no one could come close to keeping any of those promises.

  2. Rowdy Yates Says:

    Yo…Drop me an e-mail. Gonna be in SA November 10th. I want you to attend a lunch w/me and some radio pros.

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