Another day, another error..

…in the San Antonio Express-News:


What’s the error, you ask? That is not an HEB Plus, that’s what. I drive by that store every day and have been in it more than once. The closest HEB Plus is at New Braunfels Avenue and IH-37, a little more than 3 miles away.

Those layers of fact-checkers come through again!

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2 Responses to “Another day, another error..”

  1. GomeznSA Says:

    Plus or minus, HEB is still pretty much the only game in town ;-P Full disclosure – I live about midway (2 miles more or less) between 2 regular ones and about 4 miles from the biggest one….

    But as to the capability of the local version of pravda and their ‘fact checkers’ – it also is pretty much the only game in town as well………

    Oh well, life goes on – at least we know where the e-n comes from – unlike places like Seattle where there were once ostensibly 2 newspapers – one ‘left’ leaning and one ‘right’ (or would that be correct?). The only problem was that they were both owned by the same group………………

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