Man, those New Yorkers are tough!

They made it 72 whole hours!

Exasperation builds on Day 3 in storm-stricken NYC

Cry me a river, you whiny little bitches. There were parts of Southeast Texas that were without power for weeks after Hurricane Rita. The same could probably have been said after Hurricane Ike, and for the Houston area after Tropical Storm Allison. (If Wikipedia is to be believed, just to give you an idea of how bad Allison was, it was the only Atlantic tropical storm to have its name retired without ever even reaching hurricane strength.) I realize that sort of thing doesn’t happen that often in the Northeast, but you’d think they’d have at least mentally prepared themselves better after Hurricane Irene last year.



2 Responses to “Man, those New Yorkers are tough!”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    I have sympathy. Like I told my mother, how were they to know the media wasn’t just full of shit and hyping it up like they did Irene?

    And, well, the media does interview the whiniest folks. My few friends up there have all been quietly thankful they made it through mostly okay, though I have seen some questioning FEMA’s whereabouts.

  2. Albatross Says:

    During Ike, a friend of mine in Houston was without power for ten days straight. And he still had to go to work.

    He managed. He said it wasn’t fun, but he managed.

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