Sunday morning tech musings.

Someone needs to learn the meaning of the word monopoly, as well as consider the dynamic at work here. Why does Android have so much market share? My completely uninformed observations would be that this is so because, in order, Android is offered on innumerable devices — while iOS is only offered on the iPhone — and not every carrier offers the iPhone, and the carriers that do offer the iPhone also offer Android-powered devices at lower prices.

In other words, the same factors that are at work with Mac OS vs. Windows are at work here. Want a computer powered by Mac OS X? All righty, you have several flavors of…Apple. Want a Windows computer? Okay, you can run with HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, etc., etc., etc., with most if not all of them at lower prices than a comparable Apple machine.

(Of course, again, none of that is meant to denigrate Apple. I have happily run with the Mac since 2007; when my late-2006 MacBook went to computer heaven last year, I waited until we had the money to get me a new MacBook Pro. I likely could have gotten a new Windows laptop sooner, but I wanted the Mac that badly. And as I’ve said before, the only reason I don’t have the iPhone yet is that my provider does not offer it.)

At any rate, it’s not as if Apple’s hurting for money. After all, as noted by Vanity Fair, the iPhone all by itself outsells all of Microsoft’s products combined. And Apple’s never really angled for market share anyway.


Speaking of mobile devices, I am constantly surprised at people who treat their tablets & smartphones as traditional computers and get angry when they have to do something like, say, wipe everything off the device and reinstall the operating system. I am guessing this sort of thing happens much more often with mobile devices than traditional computers. I had to do it with my Android phone not long after I got it. And guess what? I lost all my downloaded apps & contacts. But hey, that was my own fault. I recognized that. Why can’t everyone else do that?



3 Responses to “Sunday morning tech musings.”

  1. drjim Says:

    Because people treat their computers/laptops/notebooks/tablets/smart phones WORSE than they treat their toasters!
    All this stuff has become an appliance to them; they just expect it to work, 100%, 100% of the time.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Based on my interaction with the tech-owning public, I have to wholeheartedly agree with this. And it makes no sense to me. I mean, it’s just as elementary as keeping the tires inflated on your car!

  2. drjim Says:

    Or having your oil changed at regular intervals.
    When I was running a small automotive repair shop back in Illinois, I had a young gal bring her Mustang in “On The Hook” because one of the front tires had locked up. At first I figured it was the wheel bearings, but it turned out she had let the front bake pads go so long that not only was the pad material worn off, the steel backing plate was gone, and the caliper piston had worn the brake disc so far down that it jammed in the internal ventilating ribs!
    It was so bad I took pictures of it, something we rarely did back in the late 70’s.
    I don’t know how she had been able to drive the car for so long. The brakes must have been pulling her all over the place when she stepped on the pedal.

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