Aaaand, there goes Michael Wilton…

….under the Tater bus.

Geoff Tate talks about how Michael Wilton “didn’t show up” for the recording of Dedicated to Chaos, but I seem to recall Whip himself said that he was purposely kept in the dark about the recording of the album. And then, of course, there was that infamous Guitar International interview in which Whip said he and his bandmates came up with some ideas, but Tater changed the direction of the whole thing.

But that isn’t really the pisser here. This is:

He liked playing around with gizmos and gear rather than writing songs and participating.

What a bastard. Of all the horrible things Geoff Tate has said about his ex-band members, I think this pisses me off more than anything. Michael Wilton arguably was more responsible for the trademark Queensryche sound than anyone other than Chris DeGarmo, and Geoff Tate talks about him here like he was just some man-child more interested in playing with his toys than anything else. I mean, sweet zombie jeebus, it was bad enough that the son of a bitch was trying to marginalize Chris DeGarmo’s contributions to the band, but now this?

When all this started, even though I was glad that Tate was replaced, I really did wish him success in his post-Queensryche endeavors. But I don’t anymore. Now I think if he ends up penniless on the street corner like Della Brown, he will have gotten exactly what’s coming to him.



4 Responses to “Aaaand, there goes Michael Wilton…”

  1. FireReaverX Says:

    Hey, came across this page as I was searching for new GT interviews this morning. Once I got here, I realized “Ah, you’re the one who wrote that review of the TLT-Queensryche show.” Lol. Anyway. I think you’re getting heated over nothing here. If GT was saying this when discussing an album from the 80s or 90s, then sure that would be reason to get upset. However, the facts are that Wilton had minimal involvement in Dedicated to Chaos.

    It’s hard to believe that Michael was “kept in the dark” about anything. Just doesn’t add up from a logical standpoint, man. Ed and Scott both participated and had to be “in the room” at some point because they had multiple songwriting credits and recorded all of their parts. If they were aware of what was happening with the album, how could Michael have been unaware? Were those two also conspiring to keep him out of the loop? Come on. It seems more like he chose not participate for whatever reasons. Based on just that one interview you referenced, it’s obvious that he wasn’t very into the direction of the music.

    Clear your mind and lose some of that hate, bro. Things will start to make more sense.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Even assuming that Wilton didn’t participate in the recording of Dedicated to Chaos, that still doesn’t excuse Tater making MW out to be more into the guitar itself than making music with it. Wilton’s name was all over the early stuff. It was only later, after Tater seized control of the band, that his contributions dwindled.

      It’s hard to believe that Michael was “kept in the dark” about anything.

      That may be true vis-a-vis Dedicated to Chaos, but not for OMII. From the man himself:

      “The final straw was when they refused to let me to be a part of the final recordings and mixes. I was shut out and they had the nerve to replace some of my parts on my songs. They denied me flying to San Francisco to be a part of my band, telling me that everything was ready to go and I was not needed.”

      • FireReaverX Says:

        Agreed about Wilton’s contributions. That’s really what I was saying in my last comment. If Tate made that remark while discussing an album like RFO with the interviewer, then that would definitely be wrong of him to do and I could understand why you’d be upset. In relation to DTC and more recent years in general, I think it’s a valid statement.

        I’m more inclined to believe his story about OMII because the problems on that record extended to the other members as well. Still, I cant wrap my head around how it could have gotten to a point where everything was ready to go and him not being aware of what was going on. Anyway, I do think that whatever happened there is what led to him not putting as much effort into the following years. It’s sad that things turned out the way they did.

        Neither side has been completely honest so I can’t just assume truth and take anything that’s been said for granted. I have to look at the whole situation and form my opinions based on what seems most logical.

      • southtexaspistolero Says:

        It’s sad that things turned out the way they did.

        On that much we agree, even if I think it was a good thing in the end.

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