Oh, aren’t you special, you don’t have to remix.

Carrie Underwood, on re-mixing her songs for airplay on other radio formats:

When a song like ‘Before He Cheats,’ ‘Blown Away’ or ‘Cowboy Casanova’ manages to have some crossover success, it does it ‘as is.’

That’s not really the ringing endorsement she thinks it is. I didn’t really find “Before He Cheats” to be all that, shall we say, offensive to my ears as a country song, even if I did like Miranda Lambert’s take on that theme better — but neither of the other songs struck me as the least bit country. In fact, if I remember correctly, my reaction was something along the lines of, “Oh, so they’re marketing this shit as country now? All righty then.”

And if you’ll read that article, you’ll see that Ms. Underwood is still on that “radio not playing the same song” kick, as if country radio playing ’80s rock retreads alongside poorly written rap songs and boy-band soundalikes is a good thing. (I had more to say on that here.) She’s apparently not alone, as evidenced by the popularity of that tripe, but I think I’ll just go back to my Texas-red dirt country and heavy metal now.

(h/t Country California)



2 Responses to “Oh, aren’t you special, you don’t have to remix.”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    She doesn’t seem to realize it’s a bug, not a feature.

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