Wow, being a blogger has its benefits.

…or, Hey, did you know radio deejays read blogs too?

I attended the Texas Radio Hall of Fame induction ceremony today, courtesy of a gentleman named Josh Holstead. Some of you might be wondering what’s so cool about that. Well, here it is…

I might not be so hot on it now, but for a good 10 years or so I was a pretty big fan of radio in general and Houston’s FM 100.3 KILT in particular. It might not have been the true golden age of radio even then, but back then they were playing a really great mix of music, both new and old. And I’ve said before that being able to hear the station again in Beaumont-Port Arthur after listening in College Station was like catching up with old friends again. A large part of that was the deejays — Hudson and Harrigan, Dan Gallo, Rowdy Yates, and even the news guys like Robert B. McEntire and Pat Hernandez. Rowdy Yates is the guy who’s pretty much single-handedly responsible for my passion for old country music because of the classic country show he had on KILT on the weekends. Such fond memories…

For those of you who don’t know, Rowdy Yates’ real name…is Josh Holstead. Yep. He read my blog and thought I might like to go to the Texas Radio Hall of Fame induction ceremony held this year in San Antonio. So I got to meet him, Dan Gallo, and Robert B. McEntire.

Mr. McEntire apparently reads the blog, too; he told me that I did a great job writing about the station. We had a great conversation about our East Texas roots (I grew up in Texarkana, of course, and he grew up in Lufkin) and the KILT days, with him behind the mike and me as a listener. We also talked about radio in general, and how great it used to be. Super, super nice guy. It was such an honor to meet him and Dan Gallo too.

Gallo was one of this year’s inductees. He’s been in Houston radio for more than 40 years; he did the midday shift at KILT for many years and is now doing the morning show at KTHT. I spoke with him for a few minutes and his passion for radio really comes through in the way he speaks of his gig and the people he has supporting him. The way he talks, you’d think he was fresh out of school. He’s definitely one of the good guys; I am glad to see that he’s still on Houston radio. (Would that KTHT had brought on R.B. McEntire, too…)

And Rowdy Yates…wow. If I sound starstruck it’s because I probably am. I may not talk about it much, but every time I hear a lot of those classic country songs from years gone by, I think of those Sunday nights when I’d be home, kicked back with a cold one and listening to him on KILT. I must say, his voice is every bit as big as it sounds on the radio.

And the inductees themselves had some really great stories, along with an inspiring belief in the medium even with all the changes that have come down the pike for terrestrial radio in the last few years. I don’t know if radio in general and KILT in particular will ever get back to the way it was, but there’s no denying that it was pretty awesome back in the day.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for now. Maybe I can get them better-organized later…



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