Sunday morning tech musings, 11-11-12

So I was emptying out my spam comments this morning, and I found this comment:

Hey there, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your website in Opera, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping….

How many of you reading even use Internet Explorer anymore? I could be all snarky and use my usual retort “they call it Internet Exploder for a reason,” but seriously — between the whole “Internet Explorer has stopped working,” “Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close,” the security issues, and so on and so forth, I really have to wonder why anyone would use it anymore when there are so many useful alternatives.

Speaking of Microsoft FAIL, how about this:

Despite the fact that I’ve been using Windows 8 for the past three weeks, I somehow managed to overlook a rather stark feature in the OS: ads. No, we’re not talking about ads cluttering up the desktop or login screen (thankfully), but rather ads that can be found inside of some Modern UI apps that Windows ships with.

As the author goes on to say, dealing with this is one thing when you see it inside a free app — but it’s quite another when it’s cluttering up something you potentially paid hundreds of dollars for. If I had stumbled up on something like that on a computer I paid money for, I don’t think I’d be too happy.

But even discounting that — the Windows 8 desktop, from what I have seen, is ugly and cluttered enough as it is. Do the apps have to be the same way?



5 Responses to “Sunday morning tech musings, 11-11-12”

  1. drjim Says:

    The whole Windows 8 thing is going to be another Windows Vista.
    Seems like every other major release they do is screwed up.
    It took me over a year to decide to take a chance on Windows 7, and now that I’m used to it, it’s “OK”, but it really cheesed me off the way the move things around “just because they can”.
    I only run Windows on two machines here, and that’s ONLY because I run some proprietary hardware (video capture and SDR) that require Windows.
    My ‘daily driver’ runs Linux, which I’ve been using since 1995.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    The whole Windows 8 thing is going to be another Windows Vista.

    Yep, I think you’re exactly right. If I were in the market for another computer and couldn’t get a Mac, I’d probably get a Windows machine, wipe the drive and install Linux.

  3. drjim Says:

    Or just build your own, with better parts!

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