How much of a music nerd am I?

This much…

This morning, Crash on KZEP 104.5 was doing his thing where he’d rattle off three events and you had to guess which year those events occurred. This morning’s events….

Hurricane Alicia hitting Houston…Nope, didn’t know that one.

President Reagan signing legislation creating a federal holiday in Martin Luther King Jr.’s honor…Nope, didn’t know that one.

Stevie Ray Vaughan released his sophomore album, Couldn’t Stand the Weather...1984, bitches!

(For the record, Crash was wrong about that one. The year he had in mind was 1983. The SRV record was released on May 15, 1984.)

Here’s the title track of that record, my second-favorite SRV tune after “Texas Flood”:



5 Responses to “How much of a music nerd am I?”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    Holy shit, you remembered someone other than Queensryche exists!

  2. Borepatch Says:

    Stevie Ray FTW!

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Heh. That entire album is great, BP. But you already have it, right? 😉

  4. drjim Says:

    Stevie Ray was great.
    He left us far too soon…..

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