Say, that reminds me.

…or, Speaking of tragically dead woman songs…

From Sabra’s latest:

One of the singers Erik & I have a bit of a disagreement over is Alan Jackson.  Erik places him right up there near King George; my opinion has always been meh at best, and that was before he started in with the tragically dead woman songs.

But this isn’t about Alan Jackson; rather, it’s about Sammy Kershaw, one of the seemingly-forgotten ’90s neotraditionalists. My Kind of Country recently reviewed his 1996 album Politics, Religion and Her, which reminded me of the video to that album’s title track.

I suppose I should have seen the twist at the end of that video coming a thousand miles away, but given that the song is one of innumerable “she’s gone and I don’t want to talk about it”-type songs where you think the other person just walked out, I just never thought about it.

But it rendered me speechless, even though I was all of 18 years old, and to this day I cannot watch that video…


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