Coffeepot musings.

…or, Hey, more expensive isn’t always better!

A friend on Facebook was bemoaning the fact that the $150 Keurig wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, which reminded me of this post from Dave.

I didn’t  say anything at the time since I figured it’d be bad form. 😉 But here’s what I brew my coffee with. I got it at Walmart for about $11 or so and it works like a charm. Still haven’t quite figured out how to get it just right every time, but most of the time I get pretty close. Not that I’d ever spend $150 on something to make coffee with, but if I did I’d be pretty pissed to find out that it was, as Dave put it, a hot water dispenser for instant coffee.

I do have to say, though, thank God for HEB, its whole bean coffee, and the in-store grinders. Were it not for that I’d have to limp along with the already-ground stuff that’s ground for drip coffee makers. It doesn’t work as well in the percolator; you end up with more grounds in the coffee, and that just won’t do….



One Response to “Coffeepot musings.”

  1. picturerock Says:

    My wife uses the same pot to brew our coffee that she bought in the eighties. She sticks to husbands with the same tenacity.

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