Don’t drink the Insania! It’ll massacre your brain cells!

And here’s the proof:

Über Röck: And who do you think would throw the first punch?

(Geoff Tate): Throw the first punch? Well, probably me. Those guys can’t fight their way out of a paper bag. I’ve never seen such a bunch of… How can you be a man and not, like, defend yourself? How can you do that? I don’t understand it. I probably shouldn’t talk about that… I could get in trouble. [laughs] You know, Americans are really touchy about that stuff. I spit in Scott‘s [RockenfieldQUEENSRŸCHE drummer] face and that is an ancient act of defiance and contempt: it’s a symbolic gesture. It’s ancient, people have been doing that for centuries and Americans can’t wrap their head around that. They think it’s juvenile, like it’s something a kid does.

Well, you know, if the declarations are any indication, the guys’ tour manager, Fozzy O’Hare, pulled Tater off Michael Wilton as Wilton was trying to get the contact back in his eye. And I am sure Wilton was caught off guard. I certainly would have been. But who the hell knows, really? For all Tater himself knows, Whip and Scott were just giving him yet more rope to hang himself by not escalating things as opposed to responding to his juvenile provocations. Tater just chose to spin it as him showing everyone who’s the boss, I suppose. (For the iconic frontman of what became known as the “thinking man’s metal band,” he certainly doesn’t come off as very intelligent here.) Such isn’t surprising, though. Geoff Tate showed himself to be quite a vile creature long before now. It’s still pretty damn unnerving, though.

If I had to guess, though, he’s just pissed that they took the fight to him where it really mattered: the courtroom. Sure, he was the one who filed the lawsuit, but if you read the declarations of those on both sides, the ones written by the folks on the Queensryche side are much better written the absolutely destroy pretty much every argument Geoff, Susan and the others make. I would have been willing to bet last summer when all this came out that Whip, Scott and Eddie would have won, but I am even more sure now that they will.

And yeah, we do think spitting is “juvenile, like it’s something a kid does,” because, well, it is.


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