I had never shopped here before…

…and this pretty much guarantees I never will:

Dick’s Sporting Goods is pulling certain kinds of semi-automatic rifles off its shelves nationwide. The store said it’s also removing all guns from its store nearest to Newtown, Connecticut. They said the change comes out of respect for the victims and families of last week’s massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary. It’s unclear how long the store will keep the suspension in place.

Way to cave to the antis, you morons. There are no words to fully express just how utterly craven this is. There’s at least one Dick’s Sporting Goods here, up at The Rim on the northwest side…but every time I am up in that part of town, it’s to go to Bass Pro Shops, which, incidentally, is still selling semiautomatic rifles and handguns. I had heard Dick’s catered largely to the Fudds among us. Something like this only seems to confirm that.

But if the reaction to Cheaper than Dirt suspending online gun sales is any indication, they’ll regret it, for sure.



3 Responses to “I had never shopped here before…”

  1. Robert De La Rosa Says:

    Like I say, “We Need More Gun Laws and Less Drunk Driving Laws”, because I can buy alcohol at any corner store and drive like the dickens drunk as hell as long as I don’t have a gun, hmm $1,000.00 fine and few dead people not a problem. sounds dumb as hell don’t it? The news media needs to quick jumping on what’s hot rather then what’s really killing people. People not admitting they have crazy kids.

  2. Jim Says:

    What troubles me is not so much their cowardly reactions, as the fact that by pulling AR-15 type weapons, they are saying they agree that the guns are the problem. If that’s true, they should not be selling firearms at all, under any circumstance.

  3. tooldtowork Says:

    Dick’s isn’t just their name, it’s how they do business.

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