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“First they came for the semiautomatic rifles…”

January 31, 2013

Such was my thought when I read this:

Bushmasters and similar weapons…hold no allure for me…Ban those guns. Neuter them. I’m fine with it. I can hunt with my shotguns and my deer gun (although I’ve grown tired of hunting), and I can protect myself from miscreants with my trusty .38.

So, in other words, “I got mine, fuck the rest of you people.” Protect yourself from miscreants with that trusty .38? Sure you will…unless you need more than five or six rounds, then you’ll be up Shit Creek, won’t you, Sparky? You’ll deserve it too, you craven sellout.

And then I thought of the words of now-inactive gun blogger Geek With a .45:

“If you own a duck gun or a deer rifle, and see nothing wrong with the ‘Assault Weapons Ban’, I remind you that the Second Amendment is of sober and serious purpose that is not about your trivial right to entertain yourself with sports shooting.

“When they come for your duck gun, my battle rifle and I won’t be there to help you, because at that point, I either won’t have a battle rifle, or it’s shards will have been buried with me.”

“And if that came to pass because you were sitting on your ass, you won’t deserve any help either.”

Even less so, of course, if you were actively campaigning for a gun ban…

(h/t David Codrea)

Do you wonder why we don’t believe them…

January 30, 2013

…when they say “We don’t want to ban your hunting guns”? Well

What gun nuts don’t want you to know is many target and hunting rifles are chambered in the same round (.223/5.56mm) that Lanza’s assault weapon was. Even more guns are chambered for more powerful rounds, like the .30-06 or (my personal “favorite”) 7.62x54R…

Remember the beltway sniper back in 2002? The one who killed a dozen odd people? Even though he used a bushmaster assault rifle, he only fired one round at a time before moving. He could have used literally any rifle sold in the US for his attacks.

The only way we can truly be safe and prevent further gun violence is to ban civilian ownership of all guns.

The first thing out of my mouth to Sabra when I read that?

“Liberals are STUPID.”

Why? Because we have been pointing certain things out this entire time, namely that

A. bolt-action hunting rifles are chambered in more powerful calibers than .223 Remington, and

B. the Beltway snipers could have pulled off their reign of terror just as easily with a bolt-action hunting rifle (aka high-powered sniper rifle) as they did the semiautomatic rifles that they were using. (That “assault weapons” “ban” we had in effect then worked pretty well, didn’t it?) I know I have pointed out this very thing in this space on numerous occasions.

(And the author doesn’t think there’d be widespread civil disobedience over an immediate national ban on concealed carry just as there would be over a ban on all guns? It might not be on the same level, but it’d still be there.)

As for the rest of it…well, it’s all the proof you need as to why gun owners loudly protest things like what we’re seeing proposed by Dianne Feinstein. In other words, why do we protest the small things? Because enough small things add up to big things. And they spell this out, just as they have done so many times before. You’d think they’d learn sooner or later.

But then, it’s not as if they haven’t already shown their hand on numerous occasions…

Wait, what?

January 29, 2013

So on one of the iTunes libraries at work, I saw the Cult’s “Love Removal Machine,” from a compilation titled Hard to Find Classics: Alternative ’80s.

Hard to…wha? That’s funny, because the Cult album that song originally appeared on, 1987’s Electric, is still in print and readily available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, or any other music source you’d care to name. In fact, I got that cd from the Barnes & Noble (at Loop 410 & San Pedro) not quite a year and a half ago.

You know what’s even funnier? The above-named compilation…is apparently out of print.

Well, I sure hope so.

January 28, 2013

Fox News, yesterday:

Obama suggests Republicans unwilling to compromise in gun control debate

I sure as shit hope the Republicans are unwilling to compromise here, because — as has been made clear before — compromise to gun control advocates, in the end, means they get what they want and gun rights advocates can suck it. Oh sure, they’ll take fewer freedoms at a time, but they always, always come back for more. This has been crystal clear at least since the Gun Control Act of 1968.

And where has this constant “compromise” gotten us?

It has gotten us to the point that Dianne Feinstein is in effect telling us all, “We won’t take your guns…directly from you…yet.”

How is that, you ask? Well, this new and improved gun ban proscribes the transfer of the banned rifles as well — which means, of course, that when Daddy dies, son or daughter has to turn in his AR-15 to the government. That’s right — “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in.”

How do they think that’s going to turn out, especially since those rifles lately have been selling like they’re, well…going to be banned?

Sunday morning tech musings.

January 27, 2013

Continuing from my previous musings…

Windows 8 is such a giant, pulsating ball of suck and fail, to a level heretofore unseen on this planet. Seriously, the old interface worked for almost 20 years. It didn’t need to be “fixed.” I honestly feel for you folks who have to use it. I know you might expect me to say, “Don’t like it? Buy a Mac!” I realize that’s not a viable option for everyone, but dear God I am thankful beyond words that I don’t have to deal with Windows 8 on my own computer.

I have had to help people with it, though, which presents its own set of challenges — especially when it’s over the phone. At this point it seems like trying to walk a novice through performing bypass surgery over the phone when you’re, say, a third-year med student. It’s been limited so far, but I know I have my work cut out for me as far as that goes.

Also, what is it with some people and their attachment to antivirus software? I got my first Windows computer in late ’98, early ’99, and between then and early ’07 — when I made the switch to the Mac — do you know how many viruses I got? ONE. It was a trojan I got by opening up an email from a friend whose account had gotten hacked. And the only antivirus software I have ever run is between my ears. None of that Norton, Symantec, McAfee, or Spybot crap.

Of course, I do stay off the Asian midget porn sites and such. I think that has quite a bit to do with my luck. But I wonder about some people’s browsing and email habits, considering they’re so attached to it.

Note to Sirius programmers…

January 26, 2013

I was about to say that playing Geoff Tate back-to-back with classic Queensrÿche is probably not such a good idea…

…but on second thought, go right ahead. Do it as often as you can. Let the metal audience hear what he’s become. What’s that, you ask? Well, let’s put it like this…

Once upon a time, vocally speaking, Geoff Tate was a Bugatti Veyron. Now he’s a Ford Pinto.

And now for some Alamo City radio musings!

January 26, 2013

This will be awesome if it pans out:

From Allaccess:

HOUSTON CHRISTIAN BROADCASTERS, INC. is selling FM translator K285EU/MENDOZA, TX to COX RADIO, INC. for $250,000.  The translator, serving the SAN ANTONIO area, will rebroadcast COX’s Classic Country KKYX-A/SAN ANTONIO.

From radio-locator:

As you’ll see if you click on the RL link, it would mainly cover the north part of town. Even so, that’d be pretty nifty. If the bumper sticker was correct that I saw once riding down IH-35 on the north side, KKYX was on FM at one time, at 106.7. You cannot imagine my disappointment when I found that out, even if I do think X106.7 is a great classic rock station. As great as Country Legends 97.1 in Houston is, when I got to San Antonio and heard KKYX I was blown away by its playlist. It’s great even on AM, but on FM it would be even better!

This is something I’ve been wondering about, myself.

January 26, 2013

Interesting question at

Now that KILT has turned into “The Bull” and only plays newly released country music, with apparently no golds or classics anymore, what could this mean for 97.1?

(For those of you who don’t remember, or aren’t from Houston or deep east Texas/ Southeast Texas, 97.1 KTHT is better known as Country Legends 97.1.)

That’s a good question. You could probably break it down into two questions:

A. Is Houston big enough for two stations that play only new country?

Somehow I doubt that. You see how things went with Young Country  (KIKK) 95.7 between about 1998 and 2000 — which is to say not that well, as that only lasted a couple of years before management ditched it in search of something more profitable. Granted, I’d bet a lot of that had to do with people thinking KIKK had turned into a total clusterfuck as it did the fact that people thought KKBQ was better at KIKK’s mission, but either way it’s probably safe to say that country music isn’t nearly as popular as it was in the mid-to-late-’90s, even in Houston.

B. Is the market for the older country music in Houston really that small and unprofitable?

Judging from the ratings for it, you might think so. (Thank you, Peter!) Thing about it is, though, that has at least as much to do with the station’s coverage area as it does the station’s format. According to, KTHT’s antenna is located all the way up in Polk County, just south of the Livingston Dam — which, practically speaking, makes it more of an East Texas station than a Houston station, as you’ll see on that coverage map if you click on the link. And its city of license is actually Cleveland, if I remember correctly — 45 miles north of Houston on Highway 59 and Highway 105. I listened to 97.1 in the Golden Triangle on a daily basis when I was living there. I don’t know offhand who advertises on it or exactly whom they’re targeting — but they’ve apparently met with some success, as Country Legends just celebrated its 10th year on the air, on a stick that had (according to another poster on that thread) apparently seen quite a few format changes since coming online in 1992.

And, again, if I had to guess, I’d say that the pissing on the grave rebranding of KILT would have more to do with its declining ratings than anything else. At any rate, if another poster on that thread is to be believed, Country Legends isn’t going anywhere. I am glad for that even if I am way out of the coverage area. We could always use more classic country on the dial.

I am sure…

January 25, 2013

…that this will provoke a fresh round of outrage.

Meanwhile, Dannarriah Finley’s killer still walks among us.

More great metal…

January 25, 2013

..from Accept:

I am given to believe that song was written about the firebombing of Dresden during World War II. Heady stuff, for sure, like all great metal.

(Incidentally, check out Albatross’ review of Stalingrad. His thoughts pretty much mirror mine.)