What’s the endgame…

…if a ban on semiauto rifles and magazines is “just the beginning“?

You and I both know the answer to that, and so does Eugene Robinson. He’s just not man enough to say it out loud or to help carry it out himself. But he’ll gladly agitate for other people to die doing his bidding. Which should tell you all you need to know about his character, or lack thereof.



3 Responses to “What’s the endgame…”

  1. GomeznSA Says:

    The ‘endgame’ is total control – that’s what it has always been and will always be until they get their wish. It is pure elitism at its ‘finest’. After all, us ‘little’ people deserve to be ‘ruled’ by our betters – like this fellow, whoever he is.
    They know that they only way that they can assert that degree of control over us is to destroy the 2nd Amendment and disarm, imprison, or destroy us. THAT is their ‘endgame’. Fortunately some of us are wise to their game – now if we can just wake up enough of the sheeple before it is too late for all of us……………………

  2. mattexian Says:

    *They* keep crying about how many children were killed, yet a dark little voice whispers, “If the children were still in the womb, or belonged to some crazy cult, you’d be ok with it, you hypocritical f**ks.”

  3. Crotalus Says:

    SERIOUSLY???? This knucklehead is still quoting KELLERMAN???

    What a f%*king IDIOT!!!

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