A sort of guest post…

Have blogfodder, but it’s gonna have to wait a bit. In the meantime, there was this well-written bit from The Breakdown Room that I thought worth sharing.

Seven Names which are Important to Queensryche’s Rebirth

• Mike Savoia

If you’ve been surfing the web, and have been keeping up with what the band has been up to lately, chances are you’ve seen some photographs from the band’s shows, time in the studio, or other events.  The credit for these photos belongs to “Iron Mike” Savoia, who shoots the photography for each and every one of the band’s shows, capturing the rabid intensity of the band, the passion of the fans, and somehow holds hostage the energy of each micro-second of time.  His photography is the glimpse we get into the process of this rebirth, and his work does not disappoint.

• Pamela Moore

Sure, she’s been with the band on and off for years now performing vocals as Sister Mary with her unique and notable vocal styling.  However, when the split between the band happened, some wondered what Pamela’s take on the split was.  Our answer came in October of 2012, when it was announced that Sister Mary would be performing with Queensrÿche at the show in Snoqualmie, Washington, and then to everyone’s surprise, she appeared at the show the previous weekend in Lincoln City, Oregon.  Pamela Moore gracing Queensrÿche’s stage was a testament to who the band really is, and in turn she turned in one of the most amazing performances with the band in many years, smiling and laughing; one could see she was relaxed and having a great time.

• Brian and Staci Heaton (The Breakdown Room)

As soon as word broke of the Rising West project, The Breakdown Room were the first people to joyfully spread the news of what was happening.  Since that time, the infamous forum has seemingly been behind the band one thousand percent, and the praise from the fans there has been overwhelmingly positive.  The forum is a beacon of shining light where not only the fans go for uncompromising truth on the happenings of the band, but industry experts as well.  The forum is in fact, so well read and respected (and reviled by others) that many go there for news and information before going to the band’s own website.

• James “Jimbo” Barton

When the guy who engineered two of the band’s top selling albums, Operation: Mindcrime and Empire, and produced the third, Promised Land, steps on board, you know that it adds some old school legitimacy to their new project.  Barton is a very competent producer of considerable talent, and it will be totally awesome to get another creation from a guy who worked with the band when they were at the height of their creative and critical popularity.

• Paul Geary

This is the guy who signed them to AGP/Frontline Management, a company that is renowned throughout the world as a team who takes bands such as Queensrÿche and returns them to their former glory.  This management team has a lot of pull with promoters and will have them booked in quality venues for their tour following the release of the new album.

• Joe Helm

If you’ve seen the incredible new artwork and logo that the band has been using (and you would have to have avoided the Internet altogether to have not seen it) then you would know how important Joe Helm has been.  His blending of metal, skulls, and blue fire have visually returned Queensrÿche to the realms of heavy metal bliss, most notably with the return of the umlaut on the name of the band.  Joe’s artwork screams of metal intensity and gives us all hope for the new direction that the band is taking.

• Chris DeGarmo

You’re probably wondering why this name is on this list.  His name is here simply because he hasn’t said or done a single thing this entire time.  In the same minimalist way that DeGarmo has shaped some of Queensrÿche’s music with his “less is more” approach, hanging back in the shadows is the best thing he could be doing for the band at the moment.  With the claims that this band is incapable of writing their own music floating around, Chris DeGarmo gives more credibility to the band by not stepping in to give his approval or to help them write the new album.  Will we hear from him on a future release? It certainly is possible, but I wouldn’t look for him on this newest album.

And an honorary eighth name

Geoff Tate.

Because he finally put the last nails in the coffin of over a decade of deterioration under his and his wife’s leadership (or lack thereof) by assaulting his bandmates, alienating the fans who gave him a career by putting them down, acting like a Class A jagoff (sorry, been watching Third Watch reruns) with delusions of grandeur in the media even before his sacking, putting out a third rate nu-grunge album containing songs with mind-meltingly bad lyrics, going on tour with a bunch of the worst people who can hold an instrument as if they were real rock stars but can’t play them and putting some of the worst live gigs ever witnessed by mankind.

Let’s face it : if not for Geoff going off the deep end so spectacularly, there might not have been a QR rebirth, so his name should be on that list.

Bonus : anyone looking for something positive to say about him can now say that Geoff did something right for a change.

…Plus, he’s only made it easier for the band with pretty much every single interview he’s done since this all went down. So in his own special way, he is indeed helping things along.


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