And now for some Alamo City radio musings!

This will be awesome if it pans out:

From Allaccess:

HOUSTON CHRISTIAN BROADCASTERS, INC. is selling FM translator K285EU/MENDOZA, TX to COX RADIO, INC. for $250,000.  The translator, serving the SAN ANTONIO area, will rebroadcast COX’s Classic Country KKYX-A/SAN ANTONIO.

From radio-locator:

As you’ll see if you click on the RL link, it would mainly cover the north part of town. Even so, that’d be pretty nifty. If the bumper sticker was correct that I saw once riding down IH-35 on the north side, KKYX was on FM at one time, at 106.7. You cannot imagine my disappointment when I found that out, even if I do think X106.7 is a great classic rock station. As great as Country Legends 97.1 in Houston is, when I got to San Antonio and heard KKYX I was blown away by its playlist. It’s great even on AM, but on FM it would be even better!


4 Responses to “And now for some Alamo City radio musings!”

  1. Paul Says:

    Was KKYX broadcast on FM in Houston? I’ve lived in San Antonio most of my life, I’ve only ever known it be broadcast on AM.

    • Paul Says:

      PS: While it’ll surely broadcast better on FM, part of KKYX’s appeal to me is the vintage character that AM imparts on their format—classic country on classic radio.

    • Paul Says:

      Scratch my question…just reread your post.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    KTHT in Houston has the same format, of course; KKYX just has a better playlist. So I think KKYX on FM would be the best of both worlds, although I do understand your point about classic country on classic radio. 🙂

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