Sunday morning tech musings.

Continuing from my previous musings…

Windows 8 is such a giant, pulsating ball of suck and fail, to a level heretofore unseen on this planet. Seriously, the old interface worked for almost 20 years. It didn’t need to be “fixed.” I honestly feel for you folks who have to use it. I know you might expect me to say, “Don’t like it? Buy a Mac!” I realize that’s not a viable option for everyone, but dear God I am thankful beyond words that I don’t have to deal with Windows 8 on my own computer.

I have had to help people with it, though, which presents its own set of challenges — especially when it’s over the phone. At this point it seems like trying to walk a novice through performing bypass surgery over the phone when you’re, say, a third-year med student. It’s been limited so far, but I know I have my work cut out for me as far as that goes.

Also, what is it with some people and their attachment to antivirus software? I got my first Windows computer in late ’98, early ’99, and between then and early ’07 — when I made the switch to the Mac — do you know how many viruses I got? ONE. It was a trojan I got by opening up an email from a friend whose account had gotten hacked. And the only antivirus software I have ever run is between my ears. None of that Norton, Symantec, McAfee, or Spybot crap.

Of course, I do stay off the Asian midget porn sites and such. I think that has quite a bit to do with my luck. But I wonder about some people’s browsing and email habits, considering they’re so attached to it.



2 Responses to “Sunday morning tech musings.”

  1. Opinionated Miscellany Says:

    I’m a Mac guy, but have to use Windows 7 at work. That’s bad enough. Can’t imagine the issues which could have crept into v.8

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    It’s the whole new interface that sucks the most in my experience, but beyond that I am not sure. I am lucky enough to get to use Macs at home AND at work, but I deal with a lot of folks with Windows machines.

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