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So much fail packed into two comments…

February 28, 2013

…that I hardly know where to begin:

It’s remarkable that this bizzaro character had so many no. 1 hits–more than Gene Watson, Moe Bandy, and Vern Gosdin combined….

I seem to remember that when I first started listening to country radio, they would play these paeans to suburbia John Conlee–one where he reveled in cub scout meetings and his cocker spaniel “always having puppies”; another where he sang about wanting to drink “Budweiser Beer” and take his woman to McDonald’s. If those were the prime cuts, it’s scary to imagine what the album filler must have sounded like–if anyone was actually buying the albums. I suppose it might be worth getting one of those CD’s (they probably go for a penny plus shipping) as a goof–or to torture someone who asks for a ride in my car.

Okay, yeah. “Domestic Life” sucked donkey balls. Truth be told I always found that song only slightly less offensive than “Mr. Mom.” But really, thinking that song was representative of John Conlee’s oeuvre is akin to thinking “I’m A People” was representative of the oeuvre of George Jones. Maybe I’d have dismissed John Conlee if I heard it before any of his other stuff, but I like to think I would have come around — because if I hadn’t, I never would have heard this gem:

Please hold for further blogging.

February 27, 2013

Push the Play button for your hold music. Good stuff, Maynard.

There is only one conclusion to be drawn from this.

February 25, 2013

Roy Bragg is apparently A-OK with people getting hunted down and shot by government agents for selling soda in cups that are too big, to say nothing of not giving their semiautomatic rifles up in the wake of yet another gun ban.

Well, either that or he has absolutely no principles that he’ll lay his self-righteous neck on the line for. And that’s all fine and good, don’t get me wrong. He’s entitled to his beliefs. But it’s rather unbecoming of him to snipe behind a keyboard at those who do have those principles.

After all, the American colonists didn’t use free speech to win independence from the British. They shot them.

More tunes for your Sunday morning.

February 24, 2013

A friend on Facebook yesterday said he was jonesing for some Real Country Music. Today’s tune was my contribution. This here is for all you unfortunate souls who have only heard the wildly overplayed and quite inferior Johnny Lee/Lane Brody song of the same name. I heard it on Sirius a long time ago and was floored by its awesomeness. But then again, it’s Ernest Tubb; how could it not be good?

Exit question: I have never liked Johnny Lee; does that make me a bad Texan?

Oh, look…

February 24, 2013

…another member of the elite exploiting her personal tragedy to restrict the rights of the people who didn’t visit this tragedy upon her!

Then two years ago, (Yvonne) Vann had to confront the worst nightmare of her career. Her husband, Kenneth Vann, also a sheriff’s sergeant, was killed when a gunman armed with an AR-15 and a 90-round drum magazine riddled his car with bullets….Since his death, Yvonne has become a vocal activist for a ban on military-style weapons, a nebulous term but one she defines as guns with pistol grips, folding stocks, barrel shrouds to cool the weapon as it fires, high-capacity magazines, threads or mounts for accessories such as bayonets and flash suppressors.

She’s joined the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and has lobbied state legislators for restrictions on weapons sales.

But fear not, friends! She supports the Second Amendment. She says so herself!

“I’m for the Second Amendment. I’m a gun-toting person myself,” Vann said, gesturing at her service weapon.

So because Yvonne Vann’s job requires her to carry a weapon, she supports the Second Amendment? Talk about your fuzzy logic.

But you know where it’s going to go next, don’t you? After the AR-15s, they will come after the Glocks. All it’s going to take, if that, is one more Virginia Tech-type shooting.

And how nice that William McManus supports yet more laws that punish good people while doing nothing to put the habitual violent criminals responsible for this sort of thing in jail and keep them there.

Oh hey, more new Queensryche!

February 23, 2013

Right here…

I must say, between the lyrics and the music, any doubts about the guys being able to carry on without Geoff Tate and Chris DeGarmo have nigh well been laid to rest if this snippet is any indication:

Taking what they will feed you, ingesting lies, they claim as true
reflection, desperation, you pave the path that you tread

Traveling at light speed, manipulation fueled by greed
Social discontent and hate, population regulate

Search and you’ll find the answers, to be the change that you want to see.
A mind as narrow as the road I walk
Always upright but always wrong

They foresee violation of the law and suicide of remorse 
Unreflecting humankind justification for the crime.

It sounds for all the world like something that might have fit on, well, pretty much anything from The Warning through Operation: Mindcrime, and as far as I’m concerned that’s nothing but a good thing. Sure as shit beats lyrics about wifi and sunglasses.

In other news, Scott Rockenfield appeared on Eddie Trunk’s show on New York City’s Q104.3 last night. (Audio link here.) Among other things, he said that they tried to get together and talk with Geoff Tate, as Tate said he wanted to do, but it never happened.

He also said that Chris DeGarmo supports what they’re doing. I didn’t expect it to be any other way, but I thought it was cool that he came out and said it.

A question…

February 22, 2013

…posed by some recent Facebook discussion.

“If the American people want new gun control, why doesn’t Congress try to amend the Constitution? The founding fathers drafted the Constitution so it can be amended…..just throwing random thoughts out there….”

“But that’s too slow. Something must be done NOW! FOR THE CHILDREN OF SANDY HOOK! And the fact that you don’t agree means you hate children and want them to die!…I should note that the above was pure sarcasm. I happen to think that even if an amendment was passed allowing for full-on door-to-door confiscation, we would still have a right and duty to shoot the bastards doing the collecting.”

“Then in theory you would be against the Constitution…”

Interesting viewpoint, to be sure.

It raises an intriguing question, though: At what point would you say the Constitution isn’t worth defending anymore? I certainly think something allowing for gun banning and/or confiscation would be it, because you know such would be the antithesis of everything the Founding Fathers put their dicks on the chopping block for. It’s ultimately not about the Constitution itself but the rights that it protects. We may well be run by a government of laws and not men, but it’s worth asking — just what laws would we have a right and/or duty to break? Thoughts?

Shorter Greasy Joe…

February 19, 2013

“That there AR-fiteen’s too much fer yew, lil’ lady. Whatchoo need’s a shotgun with a lot more recawl that’s a lot harder tuh shoot.”

I swear, to call that asshole dumber than a sack of hammers is to level a grievous, completely undeserved insult to the hammers.

Post-Valentine’s Day musings.

February 17, 2013

Every now and again the subject of Sabra’s ex comes up, and every so often the subject goes to the fact that he thought that, as she recently put it, “candy and stuffed animals were the height of romance.”

We always laugh at this, but around this time of year it always makes me wonder — what’s the whole deal with giving your significant other a stuffed toy for Valentine’s Day? We wouldn’t give them stuffed animals for Christmas or their birthday, so why does Valentine’s Day get stuck with that?

Candy? Sure. But candy’s useful to an extent — if you want a sugar rush, you eat it. And hey, who’d turn down a box of Ferrero Rocher candies for any occasion? (Mmmm, Nutella…)

But what does a grown-up do with a stuffed animal? “Aww, how cute.” And then…nothing.

I don’t mean to come across as a stuffed shirt or anything. What I’m getting at is this: Why not get ’em something along the lines of what you’d get ’em for Christmas or their birthday? Sabra got me a knife and the latest Tom Clancy book for Valentine’s Day. (And I didn’t even ask for that last thing. I was going to but it completely slipped my mind. She’s just awesome like that.)

And yes, you know you want to see the knife…



Yep. Definitely beats a stuffed bear.

(For the record, I got her some yarn that she had been wanting from her new favorite yarn store. She liked that a lot better than a stuffed bear, too. 😉 )

So yeah, I’m still here…

February 17, 2013

…blogfodder’s just been kinda slim the last couple of days.

If you get a chance to try a deep-fried Snickers, I highly recommend it. It’s quite rich, but oh-so-good…