Not much else I can say to this…

…but, A-yep.

The sad lesson here (and one that our side has been deathly slow to learn) is simple: not everybody who owns a gun is one of ours. Witness on various gun boards the assorted posts of “Well, I’m an NRA member and I agree with stricter gun control” or “This wouldn’t affect me at all – I don’t like black rifles” or “I believe in the right of Americans to hunt”.

A while back I got into an argument with a Fudd on the subject. It ended abruptly when I told him that if he helped push through another AWB as one of Feinstein’s little Vichy, I’d turn around and do everything I could to curtail his hunting rights, shut down his skeet range, and make certain that while he might enjoy the shooting sports with his children now, the tradition would die with him because he wouldn’t be allowed to transfer his high-end shotguns to his children (no transfers without background checks, subject!).

To which he asked in utter incredulity…

“Why would you do that to a fellow gun owner?”

I swear the Fudds are going to be the end of the Second Amendment. Moreso even than the barking moonbats in CA and MA and every other third-world shithole masquerading as a state in the union. Much like cancer is more dangerous than a hungry predator – the predator you know. You see it. You’ve got a chance to fight it. And if the predator moves on you, you GIVE IT THE FIGHT IT WANTS.

…whereas cancer will destroy you passively, without firing a shot, without a single harsh word, without needing to do so much as lift a finger.

Funny thing is…I’ve heard lots of Fudds call for an end to these military-style assault weapons with shoulder-things that go up and the hundred-round terrorist clips. I do not recall ever hearing a black-rifle enthusiast calling for an to end duck and deer hunting.

Cancer. I think our side has it. We need better friends.



6 Responses to “Not much else I can say to this…”

  1. 3boxesofbs Says:

    I don’t think we need better friends, we need better parents.
    It will take a while but we will get them. Look at the generation of gun owners he is talking about — when did they grow up?
    During the Anti-Viet Nam war era, before ARs were common place, before modern semi-automatic pistols were readily available.

    They were taught, by a generation of war veterans, that the 2nd Amendment is important. These parents taught them not by 3 Gun matches or IDPA/USPPA matches but by hunting.

    As the membership secretary for a largish private range (2000+ members), I see this divide often.

    So, no we don’t need new friends. We need to teach and mentor our current ones while growing new ones in the sports, modern and traditional. We really need to show that we are the big tent the antis claim they have but don’t.

    We need to show that we allow for diversity — even when it might make our work harder– in the firearm community. We will not attract the younger generation if we adopt the attitude “everyone must think like we do’.

    We need the grandparents who shoot a revolver once a year on the line next to the hunter who sights in his rifle once a year.
    We need the tattooed, pierced bod-modded what have you done with your hair new gun owner on the line next to the WW2 Vet who adopted modern semi-autos with a passion few of us can understand. We need the ‘I only want to know how not to get shot with a gun in the house’ on the line next to the “I’m gonna be ready for the zombie apocalypse” guy.

    If we don’t them on the line, if we push them out of our sphere of influence — how can we convince them to support us?

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Oh, I fully agree with that. Perhaps the quote wasn’t clear enough. I think he was probably talking about the people who, after being told that we all must stand together, still don’t agree. I fully agree that we need to embrace the diversity and do our best to make everyone see that an attack on one type of gun is an attack on all of them. It’s the ones who are still selling us down the river after us trying to persuade them not to, that we have to beware of, IMO — especially if those people have any kind of influence.

  3. AeroDillo Says:

    “We really need to show that we are the big tent the antis claim they have but don’t.”

    Correct. I’m not talking about shunning anybody who doesn’t own guns for the same reason I do. Nor am I referencing the new guy at the gun show who hasn’t figured out the difference between a clip and a magazine, or the woman buying who searches for ten minutes trying to find the safety on a Glock or a Smith & Wesson revolver, or the the kid who’s just gotten into 4-H and hasn’t shot anything more complex than a .22 bolt gun. Those are the people who have the potential to become your ardent gun people, once properly educated.

    I’m talking about the portion of gun-owning America that’s willing to let the barbarians burn down your side of the tent to save their own asses.

    I’m also not sure where you’re coming from (geographically speaking) but I’m near-about the middle of Texas at the moment, and of the shooters I talk to maybe half got into the sport through hunting. You’d figure it’d be higher, but…it’s not.

    Our concern does not lie with Grandpa taking Junior out and teaching him to shoot with his Winchester lever gun. Our concern is what happens when Grandpa starts telling Junior that nobody needs anything else, therefore nobody should own any of those scary rifles.

    Like I said…in my experience, the black-rifle crowd will fight ANY proposed new gun legislation. They do it largely because they’re the pointy end of the spear – if anything goes, it’s going to start with their AR-15 or their AK-pattern rifle or their FAL. And, generally, that crowd seems happy to fight alongside ALL gun owners to protect all gun rights.

    Whereas the Fudds (who benefit considerably from this arrangement) are quite often the first to turn fairweather friend and sell the rest of the shooting world down the river if they think there’s even the slightest chance that it’ll take the heat off themselves. And frankly, if you betrayed me once…you ain’t no friend.

  4. 3boxesofbs Says:


    Our concern does not lie with Grandpa taking Junior out and teaching him to shoot with his Winchester lever gun.

    That is why I said we need better parents and grandparents.

    We also need to be better at reaching these people. If they can turn the tide against us, they can also help — hugely help us stem it.

    Just remember…if a person isn’t a friend now because we feel betrayed; what motivation do they have to help us in the future?

  5. southtexaspistolero Says:

    what motivation do they have to help us in the future?

    Well, that’s just it — this future will be too late because by then we’ll already be having our guns taken from us and any talk of a political solution will be by and large moot. This sort of thing needs to be stopped now.

  6. AeroDillo Says:

    That was my point.

    What motivation do they have to help us in the future? I’m curious to know when they’ve helped us in the past. Jim Zumbo springs to mind; he might have been drawn back into the fold, but by the time he grudgingly admitted his mistake (that pissing off people on your own side is bad business…his alleged regret over the content of the remarks remains somewhat more dubious) the damage had already been done.

    It’s hard to set up that big tent when some of your nominal friends are trying to set it on fire.

    Scorpion and frog, friend. Scorpion and frog.

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