Oh, this is gonna be good.

From Blabbermouth:

ADRENALINE MOB — the band featuring drummer Mike Portnoy (DREAM THEATER, AVENGED SEVENFOLD), SYMPHONY X frontmanRussell Allen, guitar virtuoso Mike Orlando (SONIC STOMP) andDISTURBED bassist John Moyer — will release “Covertá”, an eight-track EP featuring cover versions of some of the group’s favorite songs, on March 12….

“Covertá” track listing:

01. High Wire (BADLANDS)
02. Stand Up And Shout (DIO)
03. Break on Through (THE DOORS)
04. Romeo Delight (VAN HALEN)
05. Barracuda (HEART)
06. Kill The King (RAINBOW)
07. The Lemon Song (LED ZEPPELIN)
08. The Mob Rules (BLACK SABBATH)

Whoa. Not one, not two, but three songs from Ronnie James Dio-fronted bands. I’ve said before that Russell Allen sounds a lot Ronnie James Dio. And he does, to the point that I’ve been pining to hear what Adrenaline Mob’s covers of these songs and others. I wish “The Last In Line” would have shown up here, but even without it this looks like it’s gonna be a great cd.

Not sure about the Doors cover, though…



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