Sunday morning tech musings.

Comment on Windows 8 caught in the spam trap:

Swiping from the right side will pull up another menu, which they call the “Charms” menu. Yes, that’s a very silly name. This allows you to get to various functions like Search, Share, or Settings, and this works across the board in Metro applications. You’ll most likely use this feature most often to search and share from within applications—for instance, if you were viewing a photo and wanted to share it on Facebook, or if you needed to do a search through an application for a file.

Well, that’s all fine and good, but how’s your average PC user going to figure this out? They’re going to have their hands full opening Internet Explorer to Google this shit!

Speaking of Windows 8, Microsoft is reportedly blaming the computer manufacturers for the new operating system’s apparent crash-and-burn debut, saying — get this! — that they didn’t produce enough tablets. For what it’s worth, the PC manufacturers are saying that if they followed Microsoft’s advice they’d have had to deal with tons of unsold tablets. Whether or not that’s true, my question is this: What happened to the traditional PCs? If Microsoft is going to sell this, they’re going to have to sell Windows 8 on the PCs at least as much as the tablets for the time being, considering Apple still has such a huge share of the tablet market.

Yeah, I know I keep harping on this. And I am going to keep doing it, because there are a ton of people who are going to be confronted with it and they’re not going to know whether to shit or go blind. I caught this bit at Borepatch the other day:

What’s the next act for Apple? Let me start by listing off a partial list of somewhat expensive products that are painful to use, contain at least some electronics, and that would be relatively easy to improve…

  • Windows 8

And I’ll say here what I said there: Windows 8 as a PC OS is so thoroughly fuXX0red that I don’t think even the geniuses in Cupertino could fix it. They’d do well to demolish it & rebuild it from the ground up, though.

Me? I’ll just keep on rolling with Mac OS X.



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