Behold the troll, in all his glory…

…or, What the hell, blogfodder…

BS, Brain-dead ballwashers like you are pathetic. I love the band, always have, but there’s lots of ego and blame to go around. Maybe Michael and Scott should have gotten off their butts and written more so Tate wasn’t the only one relaly contributing. Maybe Geoff and Scott shouldn’t have let their overbearing wives stick their fingers in the business as much as they did, but then maybe if they’d all have stepped up they wouldn’t have been able to step in. Maybe if Eddie and Michael would have stopped partying long enough to take an interest Chris might not have gotten burned out, PO’d and left. Blaming one side is retarded, they’re all culpable. TLaT is an okay vocalist, but he’s not as good as Tate, nor is Tate’s new crew likely to be an equal to Rockenfield and Co. even with Blotzer and Sarzo. Then again, Mike Stone was good but the guitar tandem hasn’t been as tight since Degarmo left.

The best we can hope for is for all of them to put out some good tunes because what was Queensryche is no more. Now it’s like squabbling parents after a divorce hanging with “new mommie” and “new daddy”.

Let’s take this bit-by bit…

The whole writing issue has already been hashed out in the court documents. The former lead singer has been talking shit about how the other guys didn’t contribute and no doubt he’ll keep doing that, but as you’ll see if you read the declarations, Whip, Scott, and Eddie actually did step up and contribute, but the former lead singer turned their contributions down and on at least a couple of albums even shut them out of playing on the recording.

As for the “overbearing wives” bit…well, I’m not sure where Misty Rockenfield comes in here, but the issue with the former lead singer’s wife was elaborated on in the declarations as well. In short, again, the former lead singer stepped up and said, “you hire my wife as manager or I will quit.”

As far as Chris DeGarmo leaving, somehow I doubt our troll here has an inside source who told him that CDG left because of the other guys’ (alleged) laziness. The only solid thing we have is what the other guys said and hinted at in the declarations, which was best summed up by Michael Wilton:

“…the songwriting chemistry of Chris DeGarmo and Geoff Tate may have run its course, but more so Geoff Tate’s personal demeanor with Chris DeGarmo had terminated the relationship.”

You’re seeing a common thread here, no?


And I might agree that both sides are to blame, but what were the other guys to do every time the former lead singer threatened to leave if he didn’t get his way? Frankly, I can’t blame them for biding their time. Not just anyone could sing those songs. Hell, the former lead singer can barely choke out “Silent Lucidity” anymore, let alone the rest of the classic Queensryche catalog.

And no…Todd La Torre is not as good as the former lead singer. He’s a whole fucking lot better. I will agree that TLT is not quite as good as the former lead singer was in his prime, but let’s face it — very few singers were that good. He was the Platonic ideal. But now he’s barely a shadow on the cave wall. Perhaps Todd isn’t the Platonic ideal now, but the fact is that for what he is, he’s damn good.

And comparing the former lead singer’s band of scabs with Queensryche? Hokay then. From what I understand Rudy Sarzo is pretty good, but Bobby Blotzer isn’t fit to carry Scott Rockenfield’s drumsticks. And Kelly “ERMAHGERD GERTER SERLER” Gray? Really?

As for both parties and the music…well, it ought to be pretty obvious to anyone who’s paying attention that the only good music that’s going to come out of this is what will come from Queensryche. The former lead singer has already released his solo album, and it was pretty much Dedicated to Chaos II. (DTC was the last Queensryche album with him at the mike, and it was a critical and commercial failure.) So we know where his creative headspace is. He was saying all the way back in 1995 that he didn’t want to be a metal singer anymore and that he was unhappy.

Sorry, but I’m just not getting where all the defense of the former lead singer is coming from here, other than nostalgia for a past that’s long gone.



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