‘Splain, please.

Somebody tell me why the issue of running background checks for gun buyers and the issue of keeping violent people in jail (you know, people we want to make sure don’t get guns) are completely independent of each other and why saying they need to be discussed in conjunction with each other makes me a troll. I don’t get it.



3 Responses to “‘Splain, please.”

  1. Bob S. Says:

    ‘Cause in their mind we are all criminals that just haven’t been caught yet. A background check would show what crime we’ve committed — or will commit using that gun.


    In reality, the background check requirement is a set up law. It would be used to say “See, we tried this and it didn’t work. Still gun crimes being committed. Now we have to ban ALL guns”.

    They know that it won’t stop criminals and they don’t care — that isn’t their goal. Pointing out their goal makes you a troll because it makes it harder for them to lie to the uninformed.

    • GomeznSA Says:

      Actually it is more along the lines of ‘they’ are totally convinced that we are all just criminals ‘waiting to happen’ – sarc off – sorta.
      The libs believe that since they can’t control their baser instincts (if I’da had a gun the sob that cut me off in traffic woulda gotten it) they truly believe that no one else can possibly do so – for them to admit that others CAN challenges their entire ‘belief’ structure ( you know, the one that convinces them that they are better than all the rest of us neanderthals).

      Your last 2 paragraphs nail it – incremental steps to achieve their long sought goal of total Citizen disarmament.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    That was pretty much my read on it, too.

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