Well, the answer to that one is obvious.

Brian Chasnoff, in today’s Express-News:

Why am I picking on Rodriguez?

Chasnoff is picking on George Rodriguez, of course, because Rodriguez doesn’t take the approved position on ethnic studies classes. It seems that Chasnoff implicitly endorses ethnic studies classes for the same reason our friends up at the University of Texas do: they make approved ethnic groups feel good about themselves.

And I suppose $3,000 for a poet laureate might well be peanuts, but I’m pretty sure the folks who teach those ethnic studies classes make quite a bit more than that. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that to whatever extent Texans are opposed to increased funding for education, it’s because people like Brian Chasnoff and Carmen Tafolla advocate throwing that money away on useless feel-good bullshit like ethnic studies instead of more math and science classes to prepare students to compete for the high-paying jobs at places like Boeing and Toyota.



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