Oh hey, more new Queensryche!

Right here…

I must say, between the lyrics and the music, any doubts about the guys being able to carry on without Geoff Tate and Chris DeGarmo have nigh well been laid to rest if this snippet is any indication:

Taking what they will feed you, ingesting lies, they claim as true
reflection, desperation, you pave the path that you tread

Traveling at light speed, manipulation fueled by greed
Social discontent and hate, population regulate

Search and you’ll find the answers, to be the change that you want to see.
A mind as narrow as the road I walk
Always upright but always wrong

They foresee violation of the law and suicide of remorse 
Unreflecting humankind justification for the crime.

It sounds for all the world like something that might have fit on, well, pretty much anything from The Warning through Operation: Mindcrime, and as far as I’m concerned that’s nothing but a good thing. Sure as shit beats lyrics about wifi and sunglasses.

In other news, Scott Rockenfield appeared on Eddie Trunk’s show on New York City’s Q104.3 last night. (Audio link here.) Among other things, he said that they tried to get together and talk with Geoff Tate, as Tate said he wanted to do, but it never happened.

He also said that Chris DeGarmo supports what they’re doing. I didn’t expect it to be any other way, but I thought it was cool that he came out and said it.


4 Responses to “Oh hey, more new Queensryche!”

  1. That Guy Says:

    Dude, that rocks. I will be buying that album.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Awesome. What was the last QR album you bought, That Guy? I have everything from the EP through Promised Land.

  2. That Guy Says:

    I think it was Promised Land. It was right around there or Ear in the Now frontier that I lost interest.

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Ear in the Now frontier


    The only song I heard from that album was “Sign of the Times” and I was not a fan. It just didn’t sound like…Queensryche. But if the court declarations are any indication, that’s mostly because by that time Chris DeGarmo was trying to accommodate Geoff Tate’s desire not to be a metal singer anymore. Michael Wilton said in a recent interview that after HITNF was recorded, when Chris left, was when things really started spinning out of control.

    Of course, it seemed obvious to me that Queensryche was starting to come unglued with Promised Land, although I really did like that album.

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